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“For you have been called to live in freedom. But don’t use your freedom to satisfy your sinful nature. Instead, use your freedom to serve one another in love.” – Galatians 5:13

Week 1

Mon 1st – DR Congo

Praise God that, after a terrible third-wave, COVID case numbers are now going down in Goma (where our ministry partners HEAL Africa and Ephphatha serve). Praise God for keeping our partners safe during this time.

Tue 2nd – Uganda

Praise God that COVID-19 case numbers are going down in the community around the Wakisa Centre. Praise God for continuing to keep everyone at Wakisa safe.

Wed 3rd – India

Praise God that students in grades 6-10 have returned to classrooms. Pray that God will keep them safe from COVID-19 and that they can settle back into school well.

Thu 4th – Australia

Praise God that parts of Australia are starting to open up after months of lockdowns. Pray for God’s peace and protection over those who are at higher risk of infection and might be anxious at this time. Also pray for people in parts of the country that remain locked down at this time.

Fri 5th – Cambodia

Praise God that (with lockdowns easing) Sunshine has been able to get out into the community and visit the families in their programs. Cases are still high though, so pray for safety and peace of mind for Sunshine as they serve their community.

Sat 6th – Uganda

Praise God that (with Uganda opening up somewhat) CFM’s Chief Operations Officer, James, was recently able to celebrate his wedding to his wife Rena.

Sun 7th – DR Congo

Praise God that the construction of a baptism pool at the Ephphatha church was completed on time and also for the six Ephphatha members that were recently baptised.

Week 2

Mon 8th – Uganda

Praise God that churches in Uganda have been able to reopen recently. There are still restrictions and safety procedures in place, but our ministry partners are so happy to be able to meet together again in their congregations.

Tue 9th – DR Congo

Pray for Yalala at Ephphatha, who is suffering from malaria and typhoid fever. Pray that God would heal her quickly and fully through the medicines she’s been given.

Wed 10th – Cambodia

Praise God that schools are gradually reopening in Cambodia (starting in regions with low case numbers). Pray that the students in Sunshine’s programs will have a safe and welcome return to classrooms soon.

Thu 11th – WorldShare

Praise God that Hollie (our Supporter Engagement Coordinator) was finally able to get married last month (after the wedding being held up by lockdowns). May God bless Hollie and Hardik and the rest of their lives together.

Fri 12th – India

Around 65% of BCM’s beneficiary families have lost their jobs. Pray that God would support them at this time and that, as things begin opening up, they can find work again soon.

Sat 13th – DR Congo

Pray for the HEAL Africa team as they continue to work with children who are dealing with trauma from the recent volcanic eruption and COVID-19 pandemic.

Sun 14th – Uganda

Praise God for the five girls at Wakisa that recently graduated from agricultural vocational training and have already found jobs.

Week 3

Mon 15th – DR Congo

Pray for the staff at HEAL Africa hospital as they continue to serve on the front line during this pandemic. Pray that God will give them his strength, endurance and encouragement and keep them safe while they serve.  

Tue 16th – Uganda

Praise God for the installation of a new water purifier and tank, which ensures the girls can have clean water and lowers the risk of illness.

Wed 17th – India

Pray for the mental health of children in BCM’s sponsorship program. Pray that God would protect them from the risks of depression, social exclusion and addiction to technology as a result of lockdowns.

Thu 18th – WorldShare

Praise God for our recent Sunshine Cambodia launch event. It was a great chance for supporters to connect with the Sunshine team (online) and see first-hand their servant hearts for the children of Cambodia.

Fri 19th – Cambodia

Pray for Sunshine as they design a curriculum and prepare to run training workshops on children’s rights this month. Pray that God uses Sunshine’s efforts to bless children in these communities with safety from abuse.

Sat 20th – Uganda

Praise God that students in tertiary education (universities, vocational courses etc.) are able to return to classrooms this month. Please continue to pray for school kids who won’t be returning until January next year.

Sun 21st – DR Congo

Pray for the Ephphatha staff member who is going to train teachers in the city of Beni for three months. Pray that God blesses his work and keeps him safe during his time away.

Week 4

Mon 22nd – Uganda

Pray for two of CFM’s sponsor children and their mother, whose house was recently swept away during heavy rains. Pray that God will be with them as they shelter temporarily with their neighbours and hope to rebuild.

Tue 23rd – DR Congo

Pray that God would continue to bless Ephphatha’s project to translate the bible into Congolese sign language.

Wed 24th – Cambodia

Praise God that Sen, the manager of Sunshine’s School Development Program, and his wife have recovered from COVID-19. Praise God for those that took care of their children while they were taken into the treatment centre.

Thu 25th – WorldShare

Continue praying for Micah’s End COVID For All campaign and that we can encourage the Australian Government to love our neighbour nations by providing vaccine support and our increasing our aid to these countries.

Fri 26th – India

Pray for the people of India as there is growing concern of a predicted third-wave of COVID-19. Pray that God will ease their fears and keep them safe.

Sat 27th – DR Congo

Pray for the HEAL team as they begin a new outreach and evangelism project, which will provide reconciliation and trauma counselling in vulnerable communities.

Sun 28th – Uganda

Pray for the two girls at Wakisa who are both looking to return home but are struggling with their fathers not accepting them. Pray that Wakisa can continue to help with the reconciliation process and that God will bring peace and acceptance to these families. 

Week 5

Mon 29th – Uganda

Wakisa is currently receiving more requests for help than they can accommodate and they’ve also recently had a number of girls with situations they weren’t equipped for (e.g. severe mental illness, epilepsy, highly contagious diseases). Pray for Wakisa as they work to find places that can best serve these girls.

Tue 30th – DR Congo

Praise God for his protection over six HEAL staff members who were recently attacked by militia while in the field. They were driving back from the Mugunga camp (about 20km from Goma) when their car came under gun fire. Despite bullet damage to their radiator they were able to drive away and out of reach before the car stopped running. Miraculously everyone was kept safe but continue to pray for them as they have been traumatised by the event.

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