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“For God so loved the world that he gave his one and only Son, that whoever believes in him shall not perish but have eternal life.” – John 3:16

Week 1

Wed 1st – DR Congo
Continue praying for Ephphatha’s plans to open a University for the deaf. They have been held up by the pandemic, the rising violence and unrest in Goma, and the recent volcanic eruption. Pray God would bless their efforts and that they may come to fruition in the new year.

Thu 2nd – Uganda
There has recently been a spate of violent attacks in parts of Uganda, including the area around Wakisa. Praise God that he has kept everyone at Wakisa safe at this time.

Fri 3rd – India
Praise God for the village leaders who have recently approached BCM to set up women’s vocational training and child care centres in their villages. Pray for God’s wisdom as BCM considers these requests.

Sat 4th – WorldShare
Praise God for our new website. We pray that it will better equip us to serve the entire WorldShare community.

Sun 5th – Cambodia
Praise God for the sister of a Sunshine staff member, who recently gave birth safely while recovering from COVID-19 in a treatment centre. Praise God that mother and son are now both well.

Mon 6th – Uganda
Praise God that, amidst the pandemic, CFM has been able to continue spreading the gospel. Praise God for the 54 people who recently received Jesus as their saviour as a result of CFM’s door-to-door outreach program.

Tue 7th – DR Congo
Pray for the hunger crisis in the DR Congo. As a result of the ongoing civil conflict and the economic effects of the COVID-19 pandemic over 27 million people are facing acute hunger with 6.7 million of them on the cusp of famine.

Week 2

Wed 8th – Uganda
Praise God that families in CFM’s Mafudu agricultural project are embracing CFM’s efforts to create village saving and loan associations (VSLA). This is another step towards better financial security for these families.

Thu 9th – DR Congo
Praise God for HEAL Africa’s Mugunga school project, which provides education opportunities for internally displaced and refugee children from the Mugunga camp.

Fri 10th – Cambodia
As Sunshine prepares to expand its programs into new areas pray that God blesses their communication with local authorities, community leaders and churches, so they can best serve these communities.

Sat 11th – The World
Pray for the people of Afghanistan currently under Taliban rule. Praise God that Australian Christians have come together through the Christians United for Afghanistan campaign to urge national leaders to provide urgent action for the well being of refugees from Afghanistan.

Sun 12th – India
Pray for BCM as they look to open a medical dispensary in Hosur Bande village. The village has no hospital and the community has been particularly impacted by poverty, illness and COVID-19.

Mon 13th – DR Congo
Pray that God would continue to protect Ephphatha’s teacher who has had a challenging pregnancy amidst the pandemic, volcano and unrest in Goma.

Tue 14th – Uganda
Pray that the government of Uganda can secure sufficient vaccines to vaccinate at least 22 million people (in line with the guidance from their National Planning Authority and Ministry of Health).

Week 3

Wed 15th – DR Congo
Praise God for the recent leadership training undertaken by 23 leaders from the Ephphatha church. May God bless their congregation and their community through their new skills and understanding.

Thu 16th – Uganda
Praise God for CFM’s field officer, Allan Angura, who rides out to Mafudu every day to support their locally-led agricultural project. Praise God for his commitment and pray for his continued safety.

Fri 17th – India
As Christmas approaches pray for the team at BCM as they look forward to using this opportunity to share Jesus’ love with the people they serve.

Sat 18th – WorldShare
Praise God for Ken Finis, our new Child Sponsorship and International Partnerships Administrator, we are so excited to have him as part of our team!

Sun 19th – Cambodia
Pray for families Cambodia as they try to keep their income generating activities and small business going through this pandemic. Praise God that Sunshine has been able to support some particularly struggling families recently with food packages and supplies.

Mon 20th – Uganda
Pray for everyone at Wakisa as they celebrate Christmas. Pray that the girls, that are in the midst of such hardship, can experience the hope and joy of Jesus at this time.

Tue 21st – DR Congo
Praise God for the election of a new bishop and pastoral team for the Church of Christ in North Kivu (the diocese that our ministry partners HEAL Africa and Ephphatha belong to).

Week 4

Wed 22nd – Uganda
Continue to pray for one of CFM’s sponsor children, Racheal, who was in an accident and needed surgery. Praise God that she is recovering well.

Thu 23rd – DR Congo
Pray for our ministry partners HEAL Africa and Ephphatha as they look forward to celebrating the birth of Christ, and also as they use this time as an opportunity to share Jesus’ love with the communities they serve.

Fri 24th – Cambodia
Pray for Sunshine as they celebrate Christmas in an overwhelmingly Buddhist nation. Pray that Sunshine can use this time to share Jesus’ love with the people they serve.

Sat 25th – The World
Praise God for loving us so much that he sent his one and only son into the world, so we can have a right relationship with him and not perish but have eternal life.

Sun 26th – India
Praise God for the women in BCM’s vocational training program that have trained well all year, even with the challenges of COVID. As they look for jobs, pray that God would encourage them and bless them with the right opportunity to earn a living for their families.

Mon 27th – DR Congo
Pray for the construction and repair projects Ephphatha is planning for the new year including improvements to the audiology room, more classrooms for the secondary school and a new hall for the vocational training program.

Tue 28th – Uganda
Praise God for the 10 girls at Wakisa that have come to know Christ in recent months. May God continue to encourage and grow them spiritually.

Week 5

Wed 29th – Cambodia
Pray for Sunshine Cambodia as they look to recruit a Senior Organisation Development Coordinator early in the new year.

Thu 30th – Uganda
Pray for the girls in Wakisa’s sponsorship program as they look forward to finally returning to classrooms in the new year. Praise God that Wakisa has been able to continue supporting their education during lockdowns.

Fri 31st – The World
Praise God for being with us all and guiding us through the joys and challenges of 2021. We thank God for everyone in our WorldShare community and we pray that he may continue to bless you abundantly in 2022.

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