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“Therefore, if anyone is in Christ, they are a new creation. The old has gone, the new is here!” – 2 Corinthians 5:17

Week 1

Sat 1st – WorldShare
Praise God for blessing us each day. Pray that he may continue to bless and work through this WorldShare community – partners, supporters and staff – to see his will done throughout the year to come.
Sun 2nd – Uganda
The Chairman of Wakisa’s Board, Mr Partick Bakka Male, passed away suddenly late last year. Pray for God’s hand over his family and everyone at Wakisa as they mourn their loss.

Mon 3rd – India
Pray that the new Covid variant would not force India into another lockdown. BCM and the communities they serve are still recovering from previous lockdowns, where millions slipped further back into poverty. Continue to pray for strength and courage for the team at BCM and the people they serve.

Tue 4th – DR Congo
Pray for the child in HEAL’s sponsorship program whose father passed away last month. Pray that God would comfort them and their family at this time.

Wed 5th – Cambodia
Praise God for blessing Sunshine’s Christmas celebrations last month. Christmas isn’t widely celebrated in Cambodia (it’s an overwhelmingly Buddhist nation) but it is a great opportunity for Sunshine to share the good news of Jesus Christ with people in their community.

Thu 6th – Uganda
Praise God that CFM has been able to continue serving their community amidst almost two years of lockdown. Many organisations in the region have had to cease operating or shut down entirely.

Fri 7th – DR Congo
Praise God for blessing the awareness raising events that Ephphatha put on during the International Day of People with Disability last month.

Week 2

Sat 8th – Uganda
Pray for the government of Uganda’s vaccination program, particularly for their efforts to have enough teachers vaccinated in time to reopen classrooms for the new school year.

Sun 9th – DR Congo
Continue praying for the HEAL team as they launch a new outreach and evangelism project, which will provide reconciliation and trauma counselling in vulnerable communities.

Mon 10th – Cambodia
Sunshine is currently renewing agreements with Cambodia’s Ministry of Social Affairs and developing a new agreement with the Ministry of Education for the work they do. Pray that God would bless these agreements so Sunshine is best able to support the children in their communities.

Tue 11th – WorldShare
Praise God for the Christmas break. Praise God that we were able to spend time with loved ones, celebrate the birth of his son, and rest after a challenging year. Pray that as we return to work/school/etc. God will empower us to continue showing and sharing his love.

Wed 12th – India
Praise God that BCM’s Child Care Centre has finally reopened so kids can physically attend classes. Pray that this place would continue to be a blessing to every family that walks in.

Thu 13th – DR Congo
Pray for the teacher at Ephphatha whose father passed away last month. Pray for God’s comfort on him and his family as they mourn their loss.

Fri 14th – Uganda
Pray for the young woman at Wakisa whose baby recently died during childbirth at the hospital. Pray that God would pour down his peace and comfort on her and everyone at Wakisa who is mourning with her.

Week 3

Sat 15th – DR Congo
Pray for the staff at HEAL Africa hospital as they continue to serve on the front line during this pandemic. Pray that God will give them strength, endurance and encouragement and keep them safe while they serve.

Sun 16th – Uganda
Two members of CFM’s Village Savings and Loan Association (VSLA) recently passed away from illness relating to HIV/AIDS. Pray for God’s comforting hand over their families and their fellow VSLA members.

Mon 17th – India
Pray for BCM’s staff member Joseph, who has been struggling with high blood sugar levels recently (hyperglycemia). Pray that his levels would stabilise so he can return to work.

Tue 18th – WorldShare
Please pray for our Finance and Operations Officer, Dinuka, whose one-year-old son, Shaun, has to go for a bone-marrow biopsy this month. Pray for God’s strength and comfort for Dinuka and her family as they face this and pray that his results will be normal.

Wed 19th – Cambodia
Pray for the two Sunshine staff members, Prak and Ou, who were recently in a traffic accident on their motorcycle while returning from a training event. Praise God that neither were seriously injured, but they both have quite bad skin abrasions and were a bit shook up by it.

Thu 20th – Uganda
As Uganda looks to reopen schools this month, pray that the young mothers in Wakisa’s sponsorship program would feel safe and excited to return to classrooms.

Fri 21st – DR Congo
Praise God for the deaf couple, Stanislas and Lofemba, from the Ephphatha community who are getting married this month. May God bless them on the day and in their lives together.

Week 4

Sat 22nd – Uganda
With schools finally looking to reopen in Uganda, praise God for blessing CFM’s tireless efforts in supporting their sponsored children to continue their education at home.

Sun 23rd – DR Congo
Pray for the children of Goma who are still separated from their parents as a result of last year’s volcanic eruption and ongoing violence in the region. Pray that God would continue working through HEAL to comfort and support them.

Mon 24th – Cambodia
As Cambodia plans to reopen all school classes, pray that God would help this to happen smoothly and safely and that he would comfort any students or teachers that are nervous about returning.

Tue 25th – WorldShare
Pray for our upcoming fundraising event for Sunshine Cambodia in March. Pray that God will bless all of our work in preparation and that he would be with us on the night as we all join together to support Sunshine.

Wed 26th – India
Pray for BCM as they work with the families of women in their vocational training program. Often family members do not fully understand the importance of women having income generating skills and can criticise women for seeking training. Pray that families would come to be supportive of women being empowered in this way.

Thu 27th – DR Congo
Praise God that the upgrades to Ephphatha’s audiology room have been completed. Praise God for equipping Ephphatha to even better serve their community through these upgrades.

Fri 28th – Uganda
There has been a series of terrorist attacks and bombings in the region around the Wakisa Centre. Praise God that he has kept everyone at Wakisa safe.

Week 5

Sat 29th – Cambodia
Continue praying for Sunshine Cambodia as they are looking to recruit a Senior Organisation Development Coordinator.

Sun 30th – Uganda
Praise God that while all churches have been closed during lockdown, the girls and staff at the Wakisa Centre have been able to continue enjoying Sunday morning services (thanks, in part, to them being locked down together). These services have included lively praise and worship and have been a highlight for many of them during this difficult time.

Mon 31st – DR Congo
Praise God that Ephphatha’s vocational training program has grown so much that they are now making plans to expand and improve their workshop.

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