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“The steadfast love of the Lord never ceases; his mercies never come to an end; they are new every morning therefore I will hope in him.” – Lamentations 3:22-24

Week 1

Tue 1st – DR Congo
Pray that God might bring peace to the eastern provinces of the DR Congo (where our partners serve). Residents live under a constant threat of violence, kidnapping and death from rebel militia forces to the point that the region has been put under a ‘state of emergency’.

Wed 2nd – Uganda
Praise God for the success of Wakisa’s recent youth empowerment activities. They were well attended and there has been a lot of positive feedback from the young people that participated.

Thu 3rd – India
Pray for children in BCM’s sponsorship program who are sitting important exams this month after almost two years of disrupted schooling due to Covid.

Fri 4th – World
Continue praying for the 1.5 billion children that have been affected by school closures over the past two years. Pray especially for over 450 million of those who haven’t have access to remote learning. Pray that God would bless the efforts of those trying to support these children and that they would not give up on getting an education.

Sat 5th – Cambodia
Pray that God will continue keeping Sunshine staff members safe from COVID-19 as they serve their communities, travelling between villages and working closely with many individuals.

Sun 6th – Uganda
Praise God that, amidst continued restrictions in Uganda, CFM’s pastor John Wandera was recently able to celebrate his son’s wedding. Praise God for blessing the day and keeping everyone safe and well.

Mon 7th – DR Congo
Praise God that with schools reopening Ephphatha has been able to recently accept a number of new students into their school for the deaf.

Week 2

Tue 8th – Uganda
Praise God for CFM’s village saving and loan association (VSLA) program in Mafudu. Praise God that these VLSAs have been able to provide some financial support to many families who lost their sources of income during the pandemic.

Wed 9th – DR Congo
Praise God for HEAL’s Uamusho project that provides refuge for young people living on the streets of Goma and gives them opportunities to return to formal education or pursue vocational training.

Thu 10th – Cambodia
Pray for the 22 children in Kamrieng Primary School (one of the schools Sunshine supports) who dropped out of school during the lockdowns because their parents chose to migrate to the city for work. Pray for Sunshine and their teachers who are looking for ways to continue supporting them in their new homes.

Fri 11th – WorldShare
Continue praying for our upcoming fundraising event for Sunshine Cambodia in March. Pray that it’s a great night and that we can raise funds to support Sunshine expanding their incredible work into rural provinces where levels of poverty, abuse and lack of education are even higher than in urban areas.

Sat 12th – India
Pray for BCM’s staff member, Selva, who is suffering from back pain and is frequently travelling long (and uncomfortable) distances between different villages for his work. Pray God would heal him of this pain.

Sun 13th – DR Congo
Praise God that the Church of Christ in the DR Congo has outlined a project to train church and community leaders in sign language so they can serve the deaf community. Pray that God would bless this project.

Mon 14th – Uganda
Praise God for the young mother in Wakisa’s sponsorship program who recently graduated from university.

Week 3

Tue 15th – DR Congo
Continue praying for the hunger crisis in the DR Congo. As a result of the ongoing civil conflict and the economic effects of the COVID-19 pandemic over 27 million people are facing acute hunger with 6.7 million of them on the cusp of famine.

Wed 16th – Uganda
Praise God that Wakisa’s agriculture garden continues to providing them with many vegetables for their meals, including potatoes, beans, maize and cassava.

Thu 17th – India
Pray for teachers at BCM’s vocational training centre as they prepare the students for their big exams this month. The teachers have been putting in enormous amounts of effort amidst lockdowns to fully equip the women.

Fri 18th – WorldShare
Continue praying for Micah’s End COVID For All campaign and that we can encourage the Australian Government to love our neighbour nations by providing vaccine support and our increasing our aid to these countries.

Sat 19th – Cambodia
Pray for courage, confidence and capacity for all Sunshine Cambodia staff as they look to improve and expand their programs this year. Pray that God uses their efforts to bless children in these communities with safety from abuse.

Sun 20th – Uganda
Pray for CFM’s field officer Allan Angura who is suffering from an unknown eye condition that is causing irritation and affecting his eyesight. Pray for God’s healing over him.

Mon 21st – DR Congo
Praise God for the Ephphatha staff member who has been training teachers in the city of Beni for the past few months. Pray that God continues to bless his work and keep him safe during his time away.

Week 4

Tue 22nd – Uganda
Pray for Barbra, CFM’s livelihood program manager. She’s currently caring for her mother who is suffering from fluctuating blood pressure. Pray that God might heal her mother and support Barbra while she takes care of her alongside her usual responsibilities.

Wed 23rd – DR Congo
Pray for Francine and Furaha, two Ephphatha teachers who are pregnant amidst an incredibly challenging time for the region (facing a pandemic, volcanic eruption and rebel violence). Pray that God would keep both them and their babies safe and well.

Thu 24th – Cambodia
Pray for families in Cambodia as they try to keep their income generating activities and small business going through this pandemic.

Fri 25th – World
As Charmant from Ephphatha prayed in a recent prayer meeting, “Praise God for each breath that he continues to give us.”

Sat 26th – India
Continue praying for BCM as they look to open a medical dispensary in Hosur Bande village. The village has no hospital and the community has been particularly impacted by poverty, illness and COVID-19.

Sun 27th – DR Congo
Pray for the HEAL Africa team as they continue to work with children who are dealing with trauma from the recent volcanic eruption and COVID-19 pandemic.

Mon 28th – Uganda
Pray for Wakisa’s agriculture teacher who is the sole carer for her adult son with a mental illness. The challenge of balancing work with her other responsibilities, alongside her concerns for her son, has recently impacted her health. Pray that God would pour his peace and healing on them both.

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