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“And when you fast, don’t make it obvious, as the hypocrites do… instead anoint your head and wash your face… And your Father, who sees everything, will reward you.” – Matthew 6:16-18 (Abridged)

Week 1

Tue 1st – DR Congo
Pray for HEAL Africa’s annual board meeting this week. Pray that God would give them wisdom and guidance on how to best serve vulnerable communities in the DR Congo at this difficult time.

Wed 2nd – Uganda
Praise God for Wakisa’s new Board Chair, Stephen Lumonya. Pray God will continue guiding him as he leads and carries on the vision of Wakisa Ministries.

Thu 3rd – India
Praise God that Covid case numbers are going down in India after the recent surge. Praise God that they were able to avoid another large-scale lockdown that would’ve devastated vulnerable communities.

Fri 4th – Cambodia
Praise God that Sunshine staff have been getting many questions about Jesus (from children, parents, teachers and event government officials) recently. Cambodia is an overwhelmingly Buddhist nation so it’s great to have opportunities to share the gospel.

Sat 5th – WorldShare
Pray for tonight’s Soup and Sunshine event. Praise God that we can all come together (virtually and in homes) to share a meal and pray that we will raise the much-needed funds to support children in Cambodia.

Sun 6th – Uganda
Praise God that schools in Uganda have reopened after two years of lockdowns. Pray for students as they adapt to returning to classrooms and pray especially that God might help them as schools are aiming to ‘make up’ for some of the lost class time by squeezing more into this academic year.

Mon 7th – DR Congo
Praise God that Ephphatha was recently able to provide their 55 teachers with food kits. These came as a huge relief and encouragement for them and their families (around 350 people in total).

Week 2

Tue 8th – Uganda
Praise God for blessing CFM’s recent outreach event, which saw 133 people commit to Christ! Praise God that 50 of them have also joined CFM’s newly planted church in the area.

Wed 9th – DR Congo
Pray for George from Ephphatha, who was recently shot by police after failing to stop at their command (because he is deaf and couldn’t hear them). Praise God that he survived and pray for God’s healing of his body and mind after such a terrifying event.

Thu 10th – Cambodia
Praise God that Sunshine’s meetings with Cambodia’s Ministry of Social Affairs and Ministry of Education have been going well. Pray that God would continue to bless these meetings so Sunshine is best able to support the children in their communities.

Fri 11th – WorldShare
Praise God that Joanna (WorldShare CEO) and her family are expecting their third child this month. Pray that everything would go well with the birth and as they welcome another member into the family.

Sat 12th – India
Pray for the BCM staff that recently tested positive for Covid. Pray that they all make full recoveries. Pray also for their families as they isolate and for the rest of the BCM team as they cover the extra workload.

Sun 13th – DR Congo
Pray for HEAL as they are equipping churches in Buhene for counselling and outreach. Buhene is an incredibly volatile district of Goma that struggles with public violence and unrest. It was also the district worst affected by last year’s volcanic eruption.

Mon 14th – Uganda
Praise God for the 39 young mothers in Wakisa’s sponsorship program, who have been finally able to return to in-person education after two years of school closures in Uganda.

Week 3

Tue 15th – DR Congo
Pray for Doctor Jo Lusi (founder of HEAL Africa) who has been unwell recently. Pray that God would heal him quickly and completely.

Wed 16th – Uganda
Praise God for the girls that recently graduated from Wakisa’s agricultural vocational training and have already found jobs.

Thu 17th – India
Pray for BCM as the Indian Government has recently decided to review all NGOs that receive funding from overseas. Praise God that BCM has been well reviewed recently but continue to pray for them as they remain uncertain in the current climate.

Fri 18th – WorldShare
Praise God for John Lamerton as he joins the team as interim CEO while Joanna is on maternity leave. John has previously held leadership roles at World Vision, Habitat For Humanity and Alpha and has served on the WorldShare Board of Directors since 2017. Along with his extensive experience he has a heart for the work of our ministry partners and we’re excited to welcome him to the team.

Sat 19th – Cambodia
Praise God that Ms Imphary, Sunshine’s admin and finance manager, has recovered from her knee injury and can now ride her motorbike to work again.

Sun 20th – Uganda
Praise God for the 84 pastors that recently attended CFM’s leadership training. Pray that God would use their new skills to bless the communities they serve.

Mon 21st – DR Congo
Pray for Dr Aaron (one of the doctors at Ephphatha) and his wife Beatrice as they are anticipating the arrival of their first child this month. Pray for God’s hand over mother and child and that everything goes well with the birth.

Week 4

Tue 22nd – Uganda
Praise God that James Namago (CFM’s COO) appears to have now made a full recovery from Covid.

Wed 23rd – DR Congo
Pray for the staff at HEAL Africa hospital as they continue to serve on the front line during this pandemic. Pray that God will give them strength, endurance and encouragement and keep them safe while they serve.

Thu 24th – Cambodia
Pray that God would bless the trainings, seminars and meetings that Sunshine will be running with teachers and local authorities over the next few months.

Fri 25th – WorldShare
Praise God for Joseph (our Chief Financial & Operations Officer). As he travels to India this month to meet up with family for the first time since Covid began, pray that God would keep him safe and bless their time together.

Sat 26th – India
Pray for the children at BCM who are doing their final exams this month after two years of disrupted schooling. Pray that God would help them not to be anxious, and that they would help them demonstrate all their hard work and understanding.

Sun 27th – DR Congo
Praise God for healing Charmant’s (Ephatha’s Director) son Sabin from his recent illness.

Mon 28th – Uganda
Praise God for healing all the Wakisa staff members who were unwell with the flu last month. They have now all recovered and returned to work.

Week 5

Sat 29th – Cambodia
Continue praying for Sunshine Cambodia as they are looking to recruit a Senior Organisation Development Coordinator.

Sun 30th – Uganda
Praise God that the lifting of lockdowns in Uganda should make it easier for our ministry partners – CFM and Wakisa – to carry out their activities and better serve their communities.

Mon 31st – DR Congo
Pray for the DR Congo, particularly the eastern provinces of North Kivu, Ituri and South Kivu, where there continues to be increasing instability, violence and kidnappings. May God pour down his peace and protection onto the people of this region.

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