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“Let us then with confidence draw near to the throne of grace, that we may receive mercy and find grace to help in time of need.” – Hebrews 4:16

Week 1

Sun 1st – DR Congo
Praise God that HEAL Africa’s annual General Assembly meeting went well last month.

Mon 2nd – Uganda
Praise God that the daughter of Wakisa’s accountant, Naome, has been found after being recently kidnapped. Pray for the psychological impact this event has had on the daughter and the whole family.

Tue 3rd – India
Pray for the children in BCM’s sponsorship program. Pray for their safety while they are on school holidays. Sadly, during this time there are often more cases of injury and abuse. Pray that God would protect them from harm.

Wed 4th – Australia
Pray for everyone that has been impacted by the recent storms and flooding on the east coast of Australia. Pray that God would be with them and comfort them as they begin to repair and rebuild their homes and lives.

Thu 5th – Cambodia
Praise God that all the Sunshine staff (and their family members) who recently contracted Covid have made a quick and full recovery.

Fri 6th – Uganda
Praise God for all the children in CFM’s sponsorship program that have now returned to school. Praise God that they didn’t abandon their education during two years of Covid lockdowns.

Sat 7th – DR Congo
Continue praying for George from Ephphatha (who was recently shot by police in a misunderstanding resulting from his deafness). Praise God that he is healing well in hospital and pray that he can make a full recovery.

Week 2

Sun 8th – Uganda
Pray for the mother of CFM’s livelihood manager Barbra. She has been sick for over three weeks now. Pray for God’s healing and comfort over her.

Mon 9th – DR Congo
Pray for the Ephphatha teacher who is suffering from liver disease. He was sent home from hospital recently to ‘spend his last days at home’. Pray for God’s peace, comfort and healing over him at this time.

Tue 10th – Cambodia
Praise God for Sunshine’s recent opportunity to support a family in their community who fell into urgent financial distress after needing an emergency caesarean to deliver their child. Sunshine was able to provide food subsidies and other support.

Wed 11th – WorldShare
Pray for the war in the Ukraine. Pray that God would protect and comfort the innocent victims of this conflict and pray that he would work through the countries’ leaders to bring peace as soon as possible.

Thu 12th – India
Keep praying for BCM as they wait for their accreditation to be renewed (as part of the government’s recent review of all NGOs that receive funding from overseas). Praise God that BCM has been well reviewed recently but continue to pray for them as they remain uncertain in the current climate.

Fri 13th – DR Congo
Pray for HEAL as they are equipping churches in Buhene for counselling and outreach. Buhene is an incredibly volatile district of Goma that struggles with public violence and unrest. It was also the district worst affected by last year’s volcanic eruption.

Sat 14th – Uganda
Praise God for Wakisa’s Centre Manager Ruth, who is finishing up after serving Wakisa Ministries for 7 years. May God bless her as she starts a new chapter.

Week 3

Sun 15th – DR Congo
Praise God that Dr. Jo Lusi’s (founder of HEAL Africa) health is now improving after being unwell for a few weeks. Pray that God would continue to heal him quickly and completely.

Mon 16th – Uganda
Praise God for providing Wakisa a new Centre Manager in Jennifer Nazziwa. Pray that she will settle in quickly and that God will work through her to bless the rest of the team along with the young mothers they serve.

Tue 17th – India
School students in their final year are expecting their final exam results this month. Pray that God will encourage them irrespective of what the results are.

Wed 18th – DR Congo
Pray for Ephphatha’s primary school students who are sitting their second trimester exams this month. Pray that God would help them keep calm and enable them to display their hard work and understanding.

Thu 19th – Cambodia
Praise God for the success of Sunshine’s recent training events on gender discrimination and the basics of counselling. Attendees included local authorities from 11 villages, as well as teachers and principals from seven schools.

Fri 20th – Uganda
Praise God for the success of CFM’s recent business training event for those involved with the Mafudu agricultural program.

Sat 21st – Australia
As we go to the polls today pray that, whoever is elected, God will work through them to serve the most vulnerable people here in Australia as well as those in our neighbouring countries.

Week 4

Sun 22nd – Uganda
Praise God for CFM’s VSLA (Village Savings and Loan Associations) program. Pray for the VSLAs in Bulembo and Ganjala that are awaiting registration so they can access the formal banking system (including business loans) as an association.

Mon 23rd – DR Congo
Praise God for his protection over HEAL’s project coordinator, Pytchen. During a trip from Bukavu to Goma last month, the engine of the boat he was on (along with 150 other travellers) broke down in the great lake Kivu. They were stranded out there all day before another boat came to their aid.

Tue 24th – Cambodia
Pray for Sreyta, one of Sunshine’s program coordinators, who is expecting a child this month. Pray for a safe delivery and good health for mother and child.

Wed 25th – WorldShare
Praise God for the safe arrival of Marley, a new baby girl for Joanna (WorldShare CEO) and her family. Marley and Joanna are both doing well and the whole Mansfield family is excited to welcome her.

Thu 26th – India
Pray for God’s wisdom and guidance over the BCM team as they finalise their project planning for the next 12 months.

Fri 27th – DR Congo
Praise God for the conference of pastors from Goma being held at Ephphatha this month. Pray that God blesses their meeting and guides them in ways to further serve the deaf community.

Sat 28th – Uganda
Praise God for the protection of two Wakisa staff members who recently survived separate car accidents on their way to work. Violet’s car was crashed into by a motorcyclist (with her door being the point of impact), while Naomi was in a taxi that was hit so hard by a speeding vehicle that it tipped onto its side.

Week 5

Sun 29th – Cambodia
Praise God that Sunshine’s meetings with Cambodia’s Ministry of Social Affairs and Ministry of Education have been going well. Pray that God would continue to bless these meetings so Sunshine is best able to support the children in their communities.

Mon 30th – Uganda
Pray for our ministry partners and vulnerable communities in Uganda as the prices of fuel and other commodities have risen sharply because of the pandemic and a number of other factors.

Tue 31st – DR Congo
Praise God that there has been a momentary lull in violence and unrest in Goma (where our ministry partners HEAL Africa and Ephphatha serve) in recent weeks. May God continue to pour down his peace and protection over the people of this region.

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