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“Rejoice always, pray without ceasing, give thanks in all circumstances; for this is the will of God in Christ Jesus for you.” – 1 Thessalonians 5:16-18.

Week 1

Wed 1st – DR Congo
Praise God for HEAL’s Uamusho project, which provides support, education and empowerment for ‘street kids’. Many of the young people in the program are currently suffering from illness, please pray for God’s healing and provision for them.

Thu 2nd – Uganda
Praise God for the 12 girls at Wakisa that have recently accepted Christ as their Lord and Saviour.

Fri 3rd – India
Karnataka (the state in India where BCM serves) recently introduced a new law that prohibits ‘forced religious conversion’. Sadly, there have been reports of Christian pastors being falsely charged and imprisoned under the new law. Pray for God’s hand over these pastors and all Christians as they live in fear of persecution for sharing their faith.

Sat 4th – WorldShare
Covid-19 has been impacting our WorldShare team. Please pray for God’s healing and protection over our staff members and their families.

Sun 5th – Cambodia
Pray for Sunshine’s plans to build ‘quick response’ teams, which would be responsible for the reporting of any cases related to child harassment, exploitation or abuse that happen in their communities. Pray that God would provide the right people to join these teams.

Mon 6th – Uganda
Praise God for the recent success of CFM’s outreach program. Pray that the newly planted churches will continue grow spiritually and that CFM will be able to reach more new areas with the gospel.

Tue 7th – DR Congo
Pray for the man who does maintenance on Ephphatha’s medical machines. He was recently hospitalised after being in an accident. Pray for a full recovery and God’s comfort over him at this time.

Week 2

Wed 8th – Uganda
Praise God for the recent engagement of CFM’s field officer Allan Angura. Continue praying for him as he plans and saves up for the wedding later this year.

Thu 9th – DR Congo
Pray for the staff at HEAL Africa hospital as they continue to serve on the front line during this pandemic. Pray that God will give them strength, endurance and encouragement and keep them safe while they serve.

Fri 10th – Cambodia
Pray for the families that Sunshine serve. Pray that God would provide them with stable incomes in the wake of lockdowns. Most of them have had to take on debts to provide for their families in recent times.

Sat 11th – WorldShare
Praise God for our recent staff retreat. After two years filled with disruption and separation it was great to spend some quality time together and with God in his beautiful creation.

Sun 12th – India
Praise God for the women who are graduating from BCM’s vocational training program this month. Pray that they might find jobs that continue to empower them and help them provide for their families.

Mon 13th – DR Congo
Praise God for the students in their final year of Ephphatha’s vocational training program, who are currently undertaking professional internships. Pray that these internships will continue to improve their skills and understanding and set them up for good jobs once they graduate.

Tue 14th – Uganda
Pray for Uganda’s rainy season to arrive soon. Both of our partners have programs that (along with millions of Ugandan farmers) urgently need water for their crops.

Week 3

Wed 15th – DR Congo
Praise God for HEAL Africa’s Mercy Fund, which covers the medical bills of the most vulnerable patients admitted to the HEAL Africa hospital. Pray that God might heal and comfort all the hospital’s patients through his mighty hands.

Thu 16th – Uganda
Praise God for the ongoing success of CFM’s Mafudu agricultural project. Pray that he would continue to bless the program with safety, cooperation, funding and good weather for growing crops.

Fri 17th – WorldShare
Praise God for the safe return of Joseph (our Chief Financial & Operations Officer) after his trip to India to meet up with family for the first time since Covid.

Sat 18th – India
With the new school year starting this month, pray for the students in BCM’s sponsorship program. Pray that God has kept them safe over the holidays and that they can begin the new school year with hope and enthusiasm.

Sun 19th – Cambodia
Praise God for the healing of Sunshine’s program manager, Mr. Nop Sen. He’s been getting treatment for plastic anaemia (a rare condition where the body stops producing enough new blood cells) after suffering from it for five years and his latest test results show ‘normal’ levels of blood cells, haemoglobin and platelets. Praise God!

Mon 20th – Uganda
Praise God for the 25 babies that have been safely delivered so far this year at Wakisa. Praise God that each of them and their mothers have been accepted back home by their families without rejection.

Tue 21st – DR Congo
Pray that God would bless Ephphatha as they plan and prepare to run a bible camp for deaf students next month.

Week 4

Wed 22nd – Uganda
Praise God for the new internet connection installed at CFM’s office. So far, it has been much better and more reliable. This will greatly benefit CFM’s work and communications.

Thu 23rd – DR Congo
Pray for God’s protection over the children in HEAL Africa’s programs. Pray that he might continue to keep them safe from the violence, unrest and kidnappings that have become far too common in recent years.

Fri 24th – Cambodia
Pray for safety for the program teams as they travel between communities they serve. Last month, a staff member of a different NGO was killed and this has heightened safety awareness among Sunshine staff.

Sat 25th – WorldShare
As we approach the end of the financial year, praise God for all his blessings over the last 12 months. Pray that he would continue to bless our ministry partners and the whole WorldShare community in the year to come.

Sun 26th – India
There has been an increase in reports of religious discrimination and attacks on churches across the country in recent times. Pray for God’s hand over our brothers and sisters who live in fear of persecution for their faith.

Mon 27th – DR Congo
Pray for three members of the Ephphatha team – Nenettes, Rancid and Francine – who are currently pregnant. Pray for health, comfort and safety for each of them during this time.

Tue 28th – Uganda
Praise God for the health and strength of the 38 young pregnant girls and 10 young mothers and their babies currently taking shelter at the Wakisa Centre.

Week 5

Wed 29th – DR Congo
Continue praying for the hunger crisis in the DR Congo. As a result of the ongoing civil conflict and the economic effects of the COVID-19 pandemic, over 27 million people are facing acute hunger with 6.7 million of them on the cusp of famine.

Thu 30th – Uganda
An influenza outbreak has been impacting our partners in Uganda and the communities they serve (schools have been hit particularly hard). Pray that God would bring healing and protection to the vulnerable people in these communities.

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