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“And the peace of God, which transcends all understanding, will guard your hearts and your minds in Christ Jesus.” – Philippians 4:7

Week 1

Mon 1st – DR Congo
Praise God for HEAL Africa’s Mercy Fund, which covers the medical bills of the most vulnerable patients admitted to the HEAL Africa hospital. As the need for this service has grown significantly in recent years pray for God’s continued blessing, guidance and provision.

Tue 2nd – Uganda
Pray for economic stability in Uganda, as the prices of food and essentials continue to skyrocket. This has also led to an increase of robberies, particularly along main roads. Pray for God’s provision and protection over everyone at Wakisa.

Wed 3rd – India
Pray for the children in BCM’s sponsorship program as they sit exams this month. Pray that God would help them keep calm and enable them to display their hard work and understanding.

Thu 4th – WorldShare
Pray for God’s protection over Ken (our International Projects Administrator) as he travels to Cambodia and visits our ministry partner, Sunshine Cambodia.

Fri 5th – Cambodia
Continue praying for Sunshine’s Director, Sem Sochetra. Pray that he would find the right doctor to help him work out the cause of his dizzy spells.

Sat 6th – Uganda
Praise God that (CFM’s field officer) Allan Angura’s eyes are improving – he has been suffering from an unknown eye condition that is causing irritation and affecting his eyesight. Pray for his continued healing.

Sun 7th – DR Congo
Continue praying for George from Ephphatha (who was shot by police a few months ago in a misunderstanding resulting from his deafness). Praise God that he is healing well and pray that he can make a full recovery.

Week 2

Mon 8th – Uganda
Pray for God’s continued provision and good weather for the activities of CFM’s Mafudu agricultural project.

Tue 9th – DR Congo
Praise God for the students in their final year of Ephphatha’s vocational training program, who are currently undertaking professional internships. Pray that these internships will continue to improve their skills and understanding and set them up for good jobs once they graduate.

Wed 10th – Cambodia
Praise God for the success of Sunshine’s recent teacher ‘exposure’ trip. They took a group of teachers from their partner schools to visit two more established schools, in order to connect with, observe and learn from, their leadership teams.

Thu 11th – WorldShare
Pray for all of our partners overseas as they are each being impacted by dramatic price inflation and shortages of food and essentials. Pray for God’s protection and provision over them and their communities. Pray also for God’s wisdom over us as we work to support them at this challenging time.

Fri 12th – India
Pray for church leaders, NGO’s and Christian organisations (like BCM) in Karnataka, India, as they plan their work around the new anti-conversion law that has reportedly resulted in increased persecution.

Sat 13th – DR Congo
Pray for God’s protection over the children in HEAL Africa’s programs. Pray that he might continue to keep them safe from the violence, unrest and kidnappings that have become far too common in recent years.

Sun 14th – Uganda
Praise God for the water borehole and solar power system at Wakisa that have been very beneficial during recent power cuts and shortages in the region.

Week 3

Mon 15th – DR Congo
Praise God for HEAL’s Uamusho project, which provides support, education and empowerment for ‘street kids’. Many of the young people in the program are currently suffering from illness, please pray for God’s healing and provision for them.

Tue 16th – Uganda
Praise God for Wakisa’s two new board members, Dr. Florence Banoba and Mr Micheal Ben Kizza, who have already brought incredible value to the organisation.

Wed 17th – India
Pray for BCM’s social workers as they meet with families to encourage them to send their kids to school. They are commonly dismissed and yelled at or verbally abused. Pray that more people in these communities might come to appreciate the value of education and the good intentions of BCM’s staff.

Thu 18th – World
Pray for the leaders of the DR Congo, Rwanda and Uganda. Pray that they might have hearts for peace and justice amidst regional conflict and tensions.

Fri 19th – Cambodia
Praise God for Sunshine’s new ministry project. Sunshine will be supporting two churches in rural communities by helping them run community outreach events, buying them bibles, and equipping their Sunday Schools.

Sat 20th – Uganda
Pray for all the CFM students in their graduating years (years 6, 10 and 12) as they prepare for exams.

Sun 21st – DR Congo
Pray that the construction work at Ephphatha will be completed soon so the deaf students can have a better environment to learn in.

Week 4

Mon 22nd – Uganda
Many of CFM’s newer churches currently meet under trees. Pray that they might obtain buildings to meet in, or at least temporary structures to begin with. Praise the God that these churches are still standing and serving the Lord despite their challenges.

Tue 23rd – DR Congo
Pray for HEAL as they are equipping churches in Buhene for counselling and outreach. Buhene is an incredibly volatile district of Goma that struggles with public violence and unrest. It was also one of the worst affected districts by last year’s volcanic eruption as well as the recent conflict.

Wed 24th – Cambodia
Continue praying for the health and safety of Sunshine’s program team as they travel between communities. In addition to other recent safety concerns the region has been experiencing very high temperatures in recent weeks.

Thu 25th – WorldShare
Pray for God’s protection over Rochelle (our International Projects Coordinator) as she travels to Uganda to visit our ministry partners in the region for the first time since the COVID-19 pandemic began.

Fri 26th – India
Pray for God’s wisdom and guidance over the BCM team as they work towards new health and education projects in coming months.

Sat 27th – DR Congo
Pray for God’s guidance over Ephphatha as they consider ways to better serve and share the gospel with deaf people living in rural communities.

Sun 28th – Uganda
Praise God that the mother of a girl at Wakisa has been discharged from hospital. She suffers from high blood pressure and diabetes and collapsed when her daughter revealed she was pregnant. Until now the girl has been very distressed, both for her mother but also because she felt responsible for her collapse.

Week 5

Mon 29th – Cambodia
Praise God that Sunshine’s meetings with Cambodia’s Ministry of Social Affairs and Ministry of Education have been going well. Pray that God would continue to bless these meetings so Sunshine is best able to support the children in their communities.

Tue 30th – India
There has been an increase in reports of religious discrimination across the country in recent times. Pray for God’s hand over our Christian brothers and sisters (and all members of religious minorities) who live in fear of persecution for their faith.

Wed 31st – DR Congo
Pray for the staff at HEAL Africa hospital as they continue to serve on the front line during this pandemic. Pray that God will give them strength, endurance and encouragement and keep them safe while they serve.

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