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Rejoice always, pray continually, give thanks in all circumstances; for this is God’s will for you in Christ Jesus. – 1 Thessalonians 5:16-18

Week 1

Thu 1st – DR Congo
Continue praying for the ongoing conflict between the DR Congolese Army and M23 rebel forces in the Eastern DR Congo. Pray for God’s peace and protection over our partners and the innocent people caught up in this conflict.

Fri 2nd – Uganda
Praise God that Wakisa’s new Centre Manager, Jennifer, is settling in well. Pray that God will continue helping her to settle in and feel welcomed as the newest member of a tight-knit team.

Sat 3rd – India
Praise God for the recent child protection training course that was successfully completed by BCM’s teachers and staff.

Sun 4th – WorldShare
Pray for God’s protection over Ken (our International Projects Administrator) as he travels to Cambodia and visits our ministry partner, Sunshine Cambodia.

Mon 5th – Cambodia
Praise God that Sunshine recently joined two big networks – the Child Rights Coalition and the NGO Education Partnership – that will help Sunshine improve their programs, build their capacity, and expand their reach as they represent the voices of Cambodian children.

Tue 6th – Uganda
Continue praying for Allan Angura (CFM’s field officer) who has been suffering from an unknown eye condition that is causing irritation and affecting his eyesight. After some relief in recent months his condition has flared up again recently, please pray for continued healing.

Wed 7th – DR Congo
Pray for the students at Ephphatha as they are on school holidays. Sadly, during this time (as there is less supervision) there are often more cases of injury and abuse. Pray that God would protect them from harm.

Week 2

Thu 8th – Uganda
Pray for those affected by the recent heavy rains and flooding in Uganda, particularly in Mbale where CFM serves. Many people have lost their lives, homes, and livelihoods. Many roads, bridges and crop fields have also been destroyed by flood waters.

Fri 9th – DR Congo
Praise God that Ephphatha’s recent five-day bible camp went well (even with the insecurity in the area). As part of the camp five new pastors were ordained and 10 people were baptised.

Sat 10th – Cambodia
Pray for Mrs Sreypich (the coordinator of Sunshine’s Child and Family program) who still recovering from a serious cold after quite some time now. Pray that she can be completely healed soon and there won’t be any other complications with her recovery. 

Sun 11th – World
Pray for the leaders of the DR Congo, Rwanda and Uganda. Pray that they might have hearts for peace and justice amidst regional conflict and tensions.

Mon 12th – India
Continue praying for Malar (one of BCM’s social workers) who recently lost her husband to encephalitis. Praise God that she has been coping well so far and pray that God would continue to comfort and look after Malar and her two children through this painful and challenging time.

Tue 13th – DR Congo
In addition to the ongoing military conflict in the region, there was an outbreak of violent protests in Eastern DR Congo last month that saw thirty-six people killed. Pray that a peaceful resolution might be found soon and praise God that none of our partners were caught up in the violence.

Wed 14th – Uganda
Pray for one of Wakisa’s counsellors whose husband recently left her unexpectedly. Pray that God (and everyone at Wakisa) can comfort and support her at this challenging time.

Week 3

Thu 15th – DR Congo
The fighting in Eastern DR Congo has forced thousands of people to flee their homes, with many of those heading for Goma. Pray for safety and provision for those who have fled and pray for those, like our partners, who are rising up to support them.

Fri 16th – Uganda
Pray for the girls in Wakisa’s sponsorship program who are taking their high school (5 girls) and middle school (3 girls) graduation exams this month.

Sat 17th – India
Many of our Christian brothers and sisters in India live in fear of persecution for their faith. Pray that God would pour down his peace and protection over them at this challenging time.

Sun 18th – WorldShare
Pray for God’s protection over Tara (our Head of International Partnerships) as she travels to India to visit our ministry partners in the region for the first time since the COVID-19 pandemic began.

Mon 19th – Cambodia
Praise God that (Sunshine’s program manager) Mr. Nop Sen’s plastic anaemia continues to respond to treatment. Praise God that he has also been able to cut back on the medication that was causing him concern. Pray that he can make a full recovery soon.

Tue 20th – Uganda
Praise God for his provision (through insurance and other means) of replacement computers, equipment and other items that were stolen from the CFM offices during the break-in and robbery they suffered in April.

Wed 21st – DR Congo
Praise God for Nenette (Ephphatha’s finance manager) who is due to give birth this month. Pray for health, safety and God’s hand over mother and child.

Week 4

Thu 22nd – Uganda
Pray for CFM’s outreach team as they begin a new period of door-to-door evangelism in remote communities. Pray that God may keep them safe and encourage them in their work for his kingdom.

Fri 23rd – DR Congo
Pray for the programs of our ministry partners (HEAL Africa and Ephphatha) that continue to run despite the ongoing conflict and insecurity in the region.  

Sat 24th – Cambodia
Continue praying for the health and safety of Sunshine’s program team as they travel between communities. In addition to other recent safety concerns the region has now entered rainy season, which makes travel even more difficult.

Sun 25th – WorldShare
Pray for God’s protection over Rochelle (our International Projects Coordinator) as she travels to Uganda to visit our ministry partners in the region for the first time since the COVID-19 pandemic began.

Mon 26th – India
Pray for God’s protection over BCM’s field staff during this monsoon season. Many of the villages they travel between have poor quality roads that are badly affected by the heavy rains.

Tue 27th – DR Congo
Pray for Mr Charmant, (Ephphatha’s Director), Reverend Papy and Mr Stanislas (one of Ephphatha’s evangelists) as they travel to Uganda to support and celebrate the ordination of deaf students at the bible college. May God keep them safe and bless their time there.

Wed 28th – Uganda
Praise God that (Wakisa Director) Vivian’s stomach ulcers have healed. Pray that God would help Vivian look after herself and feel comfortable saying ‘no’ to too many engagements.

Week 5

Thu 29th – Cambodia
Praise God that Sunshine’s meetings with Cambodia’s Ministry of Social Affairs and Ministry of Education have been going well. Pray that God would continue to bless these meetings so Sunshine is best able to support the children in their communities.

Fri 30th – Uganda
Continue praying for our ministry partners and vulnerable communities in Uganda as they face shortages and skyrocketing prices of food, fuel and other essentials.  

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