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Week 1

Tue 1st – DR Congo Continue praying for the ongoing conflict between the DR Congolese Army and M23 rebel forces in the Eastern DR Congo. Pray for God’s peace and protection over our partners and the innocent people caught up in this conflict.

Wed 2nd – Uganda Praise God for the four new staff members at Wakisa Ministries (two wardens, a midwife, and a cook). Pray that they would each feel welcomed and quickly feel part of the team.   

Thu 3rd – India Pray for the parents of children in BCM’s sponsorship program, who are still struggling to find jobs to sustain their families. Because of Covid, the majority of people now order services (maids, electricians, drivers, cleaners) online. This has made finding jobs very difficult for members of the community who are not part of this digital movement.

Fri 4th – WorldShare Pray for Hollie (our Supporter Engagement Coordinator) as she travels to India to visit her extended family. Pray for a safe, restorative, and fun-filled time away.

Sat 5th – Cambodia Pray for Sunshine Cambodia as their ‘Memorandum of Understanding’ (ie their registration) with the Ministry of Education is being processed this month. Pray that everything goes smoothly and speedily.

Sun 6th – Uganda Pray for CFM’s sponsorship program in Bunambutye as they transition to an integrated project model. This means that the program will address even more of the root causes of poverty in the community, but the change is always challenging. Pray for wisdom for the CFM team as they care for the community through this transition.

Mon 7th – DR Congo Pray for the Ephphatha students who recently failed their end of school exams. With all the recent disruption and local conflict, failure rates have been high across the country. Pray that they would not be too discouraged at this time and that they will have the courage to return to school and try again next year.

Week 2

Tue 8th – Uganda Pray for CFM’s church congregations that are being affected by rainy season. Many of these churches meet in dilapidated buildings or simply under the shelter of trees, and so services are regularly impacted by rainy weather.     

Wed 9th – DR Congo Praise God that Nenette (Ephphatha’s finance manager) safely gave birth to a baby girl last month. Both mother and child are doing well. Thank you for your prayers.  

Thu 10th – Cambodia Pray for Sreyta (Sunshine’s Child and Family Development program coordinator) and her 5-month-old daughter, Zana, who has been suffering from recurring fevers and a persistent cough. Pray for complete healing for Zara and God’s comfort over Sreyta at this stressful time.

Fri 11th – WorldShare Praise God for Joanna Mansfield, who after faithfully serving for almost seven years, is finishing up as WorldShare CEO. Jo has led WorldShare through a season of incredible change and we’re excited to see what God has in store for her next.

Sat 12th – India Pray for good health and work/life balance for the members of BCM’s team, as they continue to work very hard to transform lives through their ministry.

Sun 13th – DR Congo Praise God for Sandrine, HEAL’s child sponsorship coordinator, and please pray for her mother who is struggling to find work so she can help support the family.  

Mon 14th – Uganda Pray for Vivian’s (Wakisa’s Director) son, Paul, and his two children that each suffer from neurofibromatosis – a genetic condition that causes (usually benign) tumours to form in the brain, spinal cord, and nerves.  

Week 3

Tue 15th – DR Congo Praise God for HEAL’s Uamusho project, which provides support, education and empowerment for kids living on the streets.

Wed 16th – Uganda Praise God that (Wakisa staff member) Violet’s mum has recovered from a mystery condition that was giving her excruciating pain in her bones and joints.

Thu 17th – India Pray for God’s wisdom and guidance over the BCM team as they work towards new health and education projects in coming months.

Fri 18th – WorldShare Pray for God’s wisdom and guidance as we begin recruiting for a new CEO. Pray that God will provide the right person to lead WorldShare through this next season.  

Sat 19th – Cambodia Praise God that two of Sunshine’s partner churches recently had the opportunity to teach many children in their communities about personal hygiene and about God!

Sun 20th – Uganda Pray for Moses, one of many people in CFM’s programs who have been impacted by recent floods in the area. Moses lost both his home and his place of work and is struggling to support his family. Pray for them and for everyone affected by these floods.   

Mon 21st – DR Congo Pray for an elderly man in Ephphatha’s community who was recently robbed at home by armed thieves. They took many of his possessions and it appears that he was targeted because he’s deaf and elderly. 

Week 4

Tue 22nd – Uganda Praise God for the two new churches planted in Tororo and Bugiri and for the 86 people who recently gave their lives to Christ across those two congregations.

Wed 23rd – DR Congo Pray for HEAL as they are equipping churches in Buhene for counselling and outreach. Buhene is an incredibly volatile district of Goma that struggles with public violence and unrest. It was also one of the worst affected districts by last year’s volcanic eruption as well as the recent conflict.

Thu 24th – Cambodia Praise God for Chita, a young girl in one of Sunshine’s programs. Thanks to the program she is now going to school and working hard to catch up missed classes. Involvement with the program has also helped her family meet their daily needs more regularly and improve their relationships with each other.

Fri 25th – WorldShare Pray for the war in the Ukraine and all of the active wars across the world right now. Pray that God would protect and comfort the innocent victims of these conflicts and pray that he would work through the countries’ leaders to bring peace as soon as possible.

Sat 26th – India There has been an increase in reports of religious discrimination across the country in recent times. Pray for God’s hand over our Christian brothers and sisters (and all members of religious minorities) who live in fear of persecution for their faith.

Sun 27th – DR Congo Praise God that George from Ephphatha (who was shot by police earlier this year in a misunderstanding resulting from his deafness) was finally well enough to return to school last month! Thank you for all your prayers.

Mon 28th – Uganda Pray for one of Wakisa’s counsellors whose husband recently left her unexpectedly. Pray that God (and everyone at Wakisa) can comfort and support her at this challenging time.

Week 5

Tue 29th – DR Congo Pray for the people of DR Congo as the conflict and instability continues to grow. Pray that God might work through the countries’ leaders to secure peace and safety for those they serve.

Wed 30th – Uganda Pray for the people in Uganda who have lost loved ones or been affected in the recent extreme weather events. There has been drought in the north of the country and flooding in the west and east (where our ministry partners serve).

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