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Week 1

Sun 1st – WorldShare Praise God that his love and mercy never cease and are new each morning (Lamentations 3). Praise God for a new year and pray that he may continue to work through WorldShare and our ministry partners to serve and grow his kingdom.

Mon 2nd – Uganda Praise God that Wakisa’s open day – where they invite the girls’ parents and Wakisa supporters – went well last month. Praise God that parents were able to see the value of the hard work their daughters (and Wakisa staff) are doing.

Tue 3rd – India Praise God that children in BCM’s programs have been enjoying favourable conditions without Covid restrictions. Pray that this would continue throughout this year and going forward.

Wed 4th – DR Congo Continue praying for the ongoing conflict between the DR Congolese Army and M23 rebel forces in the Eastern DR Congo. Pray for God’s peace and protection over our partners and the innocent people caught up in this conflict.

Thu 5th – Cambodia Please continue praying for Sunshine Cambodia as their ‘Memorandum of Understanding’ (ie their registration) with the Ministry of Education is still being processed.

Fri 6th – Uganda Praise God that Allan’s (CFM’s Agricultural Manager) wife recently gave birth to a healthy baby boy. After a difficult journey in having a baby, they’re praising God that both mother and child are healthy and happy.

Sat 7th – DR Congo Pray for Rachelle and Martha, members of the Ephphatha community, who are studying theology in Kampala, Uganda. They are planning to come home to Goma this month, which will involve travelling across borders and nearby the ‘combat zone’ between the DR Congolese army and M23 rebel forces. Pray for safe and speedy travel.

Week 2

Sun 8th – Uganda Pray for the young girl in CFM’s program who recently lost her mother (her sole caregiver) and for the two children who lost their guardian (an elderly woman who was caring for them like her own). Pray that God would comfort and support these children in this time of heartbreak and uncertainty.     

Mon 9th – DR Congo Praise God for the 11 children in HEAL Africa’s sponsorship program that recently completed high school and got their state diplomas.

Tue 10th – Cambodia Praise God that the two churches that Sunshine is supporting through their ‘Amnor Project’ were able to put on Christmas outreach events to share the good news of our saviour’s birth.

Wed 11th – WorldShare Praise God for our brand-new ministry partner Yasera! The team at Yasera are transforming communities in the poorest areas of Indonesia through healthcare, food security and family strengthening. We are so excited to be partnering with them in this incredible work.   

Thu 12th – India Pray for BCM’s vocational training team as they undergo training this month so they can make even greater impact serving their community. 

Fri 13th – DR Congo Pray for Daniela, a literacy teacher at Ephphatha, who recently gave birth via an emergency caesarean. Praise God that her child is well and pray that God will heal her quickly and the strength she needs to look after her baby.

Sat 14th – Uganda There are several new mums at the Wakisa centre who are currently trying to reconcile with their families. If they continue to be rejected by their families, they have limited options of where they can go. Pray for God’s hand over these girls, their children, their parents and the Wakisa team as they try to support the girls and facilitate these reconciliations.

Week 3

Sun 15th – DR Congo Praise God for HEAL’s Uamusho project, which provides support, education and empowerment for kids living on the streets.

Mon 16th – Uganda Praise God for the recent rain that has led to the crops in Wakisa’s agricultural garden thriving.    

Tue 17th – Indonesia Praise God for Yasera’s team that are launching their new project on the island of Sumba. Pray for Desinta, Yati, Yanus and Maria, that, in these early days as new team, they will bond well together and begin forming great relationships within the local community.

Wed 18th – WorldShare Pray for members of the WorldShare team who are meeting up with our ministry partners in Cambodia this month. Pray that God would protect them as they travel and bless their time together.

Thu 19th – Cambodia Praise God for the students in Sunshine’s school program that recently passed their final exams and graduated from high school. 

Fri 20th – Uganda Praise God for the 129 people who gave their lives to Christ and the three churches that were planted in Palisa as a result of CFM’s recent evangelism program in the area!

Sat 21st – DR Congo Praise God, and continue praying, for Ephphatha’s new bible translation project where they are creating videos presenting the four Gospels in local sign language.

Week 4

Sun 22nd – Uganda Praise God for the CFM staff members – Winfred, Barbra and Isaac – who recently completed their first semester of further study to increase their skills and capacity. Pray that they might continue to study well and use these skills to serve their communities even better. 

Mon 23rd – DR Congo Pray for the people of DR Congo as the conflict and instability continues. Pray that God might work through the countries’ leaders to secure peace and safety for those they serve.

Tue 24th – Cambodia Praise God for recently blessing Nop Sen (Sunshine’s program manager) and his wife with a healthy baby boy.

Wed 25th – WorldShare Praise God for John Lamerton, who is concluding his time as interim CEO. Praise God for his leadership over the past year and how much he cares for our team, our ministry partners, and the vulnerable communities we all serve. May God bless John and his family in his next adventure as he continues working for the growth of God’s kingdom.   

Thu 26th – India Pray for church leaders, NGO’s and Christian organisations (like BCM) in Karnataka, India, as they plan their work around the new anti-conversion law. Persecution of Christians and other minority groups has been increasing in India recently.

Fri 27th – DR Congo Praise God for the local churches in Minova and Sake that (with Ephphatha’s support) are serving and evangelising to deaf members of their communities.

Sat 28th – Uganda Continue praying for wisdom for Vivian (Wakisa’s Director) and Wakisa’s Board as they begin thinking about succession plans over the next two years.  

Week 5

Sun 29th – Uganda Continue praying for the Ebola outbreak in Uganda. Pray for the continued safety of our partners – CFM and Wakisa – and the communities they serve.

Mon 30th – DR Congo Praise God for keeping everyone at Ephphatha and HEAL Africa safe amid the ongoing conflict and insecurity around them.

Tue 31st – Indonesia Praise God that Yasera’s Sumba team has found a small, temporary office space while they get started on their new project. Also pray that they may find a bigger and more permanent office space soon.

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