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Week 1

Wed 1st – DR Congo The fighting in Eastern DR Congo has forced thousands of people to flee their homes, with many of those heading for Goma. Pray for safety and provision for those who have fled and pray for those, like our partners HEAL Africa and Ephphatha, who are rising up to support them.

Thu 2nd – Uganda Praise God for Shakira, one of Wakisa’s youngest mothers to return to school, and who recently attained very good grades. Praise God for all the young mums at Wakisa who are working hard to continue their education.    

Fri 3rd – India Pray for BCM’s school annual graduation and performance day held this month. Pray for the team preparing the event and pray that the children will be able to exhibit their talents and enjoy being celebrated.

Sat 4th – Indonesia Pray for Desi, Yasera’s Sumba project coordinator, as she has recently moved to Sumba for the program. Pray for her as she adjusts her life and that she would get ‘settled in’ quickly. 

Sun 5th – Cambodia Praise God that Sem Sochetra’s (Sunshine’s Director) health has been better over the last few months. He has been long suffering from unexplained dizzy spells.

Mon 6th – Uganda Continue praying for CFM’s sponsorship program in Bunambutye as they transition to an integrated project model. This means that the program will address even more of the root causes of poverty in the community, but the change is always challenging. Pray for wisdom for the CFM team as they care for the community through this transition.

Tue 7th – DR Congo Pray for the group from Ephphatha’s church for the deaf – Malira, Chance, Aminia and Mateneka – who are travelling to Kalemie (about a 24-hour drive south from Goma) for biblical mission. Pray for safety as they travel and God’s blessing over their mission.  

Week 2

Wed 8th – Uganda Praise God that crop yields have increased at CFM’s Mafudu agriculture project despite recent weather and pest challenges. The most recent group has doubled their yields and most members of the program report now having enough food to feed their families.

Thu 9th – DR Congo Praise God for HEAL Africa’s Mercy Fund, which covers the medical bills of the most vulnerable patients admitted to the HEAL Africa hospital. As the need for this service has grown significantly in recent years pray for God’s continued blessing, guidance and provision.

Fri 10th – Cambodia Pray for the woman in Sunshine’s family program, who recently had complications after a miscarriage and was hospitalised for four days. Pray that God would comfort her and heal her completely.  

Sat 11th – Indonesia Pray for Yasera’s Sumba team as they are meeting with local governments and village leaders. Pray that God would bless these meetings and show his love through the team.  

Sun 12th – India Pray for BCM’s staff retreat day this month. Pray that it will be a time of fellowship and giving thanks to God for his favour throughout the last year. 

Mon 13th – DR Congo Pray for Aaron, a doctor at the Ephphatha medical centre, who is looking to undertake further studies in audiology so he can even better serve the deaf community of Goma.     

Tue 14th – Uganda Pray for all the young mothers at Wakisa who aren’t able to return to school because they need to work to earn a living. Praise God for Wakisa’s vocational training program that equips and empowers these young women to support themselves and their children.   

Week 3

Wed 15th – DR Congo Pray for God’s protection over the children in HEAL Africa’s programs. Pray that he might continue to keep them safe from the violence, unrest and kidnappings that have become far too common in recent years.

Thu 16th – Uganda Praise God for the music equipment (including a keyboard, loudspeaker, PA system and an assortment of other instruments) that Wakisa recently acquired. These have made their Sunday church services even more lively, ringing out with beautiful African singing. It has already seen new people coming to join the services.

Fri 17th – India Pray for the students in BCM’s programs as they prepare for their end of year school exams this month.

Sat 18th – Indonesia Pray for Yasera’s Sumba team as they are doing baseline surveys for 200 mothers and 200 fathers in two villages. Pray for wisdom and guidance as they meet and select the right families to be served.  

Sun 19th – Cambodia Lida, a widow in one of Sunshine’s programs would like to thank God that her daughter, Sreylin, has joined a youth group and is growing in her relationship with Christ. Praise God!

Mon 20th – Uganda Praise God for the tremendous growth of the village saving and loan associations (VLSAs) in CFM’s programs. Many of these groups have more than doubled in size and continue to have high savings.   

Tue 21st – DR Congo Praise God for Luanda and Shabani, the pastors from Ephphatha that are working with the local churches in Sake and Minova (respectively) to serve and evangelise to deaf members of their communities.

Week 4

Wed 22nd – Uganda Praise God for keeping the CFM team safe – from accidents, violence, malaria, and the recent Ebola outbreak – as they travel between the communities they serve. Pray that he would continue to have his hand of protection over them.

Thu 23rd – DR Congo Pray for HEAL as they are equipping churches in Buhene for counselling and outreach. Buhene is an incredibly volatile district of Goma that struggles with public violence and unrest. It was also one of the worst affected districts by the Mount Nyiragongo volcanic eruption (in 2021) as well as the recent conflict.

Fri 24th – Cambodia Pray for Sunshine as they explore an opportunity to expand their program to Ratanakiri province. Ratanakiri is 500km from Phnom Penh and has very high rates of school dropout and high levels of poverty in the community.   

Sat 25th – Indonesia Pray for safety for Yasera’s Sumba team as they travel between their temporary office in town and the village each day.

Sun 26th – India There continue to be reports of religious discrimination across the country in recent times. Pray for God’s hand over our Christian brothers and sisters (and all members of religious minorities) who live in fear of persecution for their faith.

Mon 27th – DR Congo Praise God that, despite increasing conflict and insecurity in the region, almost all our ministry partners activities in DR Congo have been able to continue this year.

Tue 28th – Uganda Continue praying for our ministry partners and vulnerable communities in Uganda as they face shortages and skyrocketing prices of food, fuel and other essentials. 

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