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Week 1

Sat 1st – DR Congo Praise God for HEAL’s Uamusho project, which provides support, education and empowerment for kids living on the streets.

Sun 2nd – Uganda Pray for the young woman at Wakisa who recently discovered, at her first antenatal visit, that she has HIV. She has begun taking antiretrovirals, but they are currently making her very sick. Pray that she might stop reacting so strongly to the treatment and pray for her emotional healing after the shock of her diagnosis.

Mon 3rd – India Praise God for BCM’s childcare centre, which provides vulnerable young children with nutritious meals and a place to learn and have fun, as well as enabling their parents to work or undertake vocational training to support the family.

Tue 4th – Indonesia Praise God that Desi, Yasera’s Sumba project coordinator, who only recently moved to Southwest Sumba for the program, is adjusting well to life in her new home. 

Wed 5th – Cambodia Praise God for the six Sunshine students from the Tropeang Agnchagn community, who have begun attending University this year. Pray that God would give them wisdom and guidance as they adjust to their new environment.

Thu 6th – Uganda Continue praying for the young girl in CFM’s program who lost her mother (her sole caregiver) and for the two children who lost their guardian (an elderly woman who was caring for them like her own). Pray that God would continue to comfort and support these children.

Fri 7th – DR Congo Praise God for Luanda and Shabani, the pastors from Ephphatha that are working with the local churches in Sake and Minova (respectively) to serve and evangelise to deaf members of their communities.

Week 2

Sat 8th – Uganda Praise God for the growth of all the village saving and loan associations (VLSAs) in CFM’s programs, particularly those in Bugabula and Mafudu. Many of these groups have more than doubled in size and continue to have high savings.  

Sun 9th – World Praise God that Jesus Christ died for our sins, was buried, and rose again. Praise God that Jesus has conquered death and we can have a right relationship with God, now and for eternal life.

Mon 10th – Cambodia Praise God for blessing Sunshine’s Amnor outreach project. The first two local partner churches are now equipped to run children’s ministry and outreach in their communities. They have opportunities to share about God’s love, children’s rights, and child protection – to the children and their families. Church leaders have also improved their relationships with members of the community, as well as the local authorities.

Tue 11th – Indonesia Pray for Yublina at Yasera, who has been bringing her daughter to the office while her husband is working in Jakarta. Pray that God will bless her efforts as she balances childcare and focusing on her work.   

Wed 12th – India Pray that BCM’s Sinclairs School can continue to work collaboratively with families and communities to provide whole-of-life support for their students. 

Thu 13th – DR Congo Pray for Ephphatha’s Director, Charmant, and leadership team as they work on a strategic plan for the next three years.

Fri 14th – Uganda Praise God for the young mums at Wakisa who have chosen to return to school and continue their education. Pray for them as they face the unique challenges of parenting alongside the ‘typical’ challenges of school life. Praise God that Wakisa is able to support them through their sponsorship program. 

Week 3

Sat 15th – DR Congo Praise God for HEAL Africa’s Mercy Fund, which covers the medical bills of the most vulnerable patients admitted to the HEAL Africa hospital. As the need for this service has grown significantly in recent years pray for God’s continued blessing, guidance and provision.

Sun 16th – Uganda Continue praying for one of Wakisa’s counsellors whose husband recently left her unexpectedly. Pray that God (and everyone at Wakisa) can comfort and support her at this challenging time.

Mon 17th – Indonesia Praise God for keeping the Yasera team safe as they travel between the city of Tambolaka and the village (about 1 hour by motorbike) and pray that he would continue to do so.

Tue 18th – India Pray for God’s wisdom and guidance over BCM team as they work towards new health and education programs in coming months.

Wed 19th – Cambodia Praise God for the students in Sunshine’s school programs. Pray that that they might see God’s grace and his love through Sunshine’s work in their community, and that they may accept Him as their Lord and Saviour.

Thu 20th – Uganda Pray for Rose at CFM. Pray that God would support her as she cares for three orphaned children in her home. Pray also for her grandson who is struggling with social pressure.

Fri 21st – DR Congo Pray for Meshaki, a vocational training teacher at Ephphatha, who is striving to study at the University of Goma (which currently has no formal assistance for deaf students). Pray that God opens doors and gives him everything he needs, especially a good interpreter to realise his dream.

Week 4

Sat 22nd – Uganda Praise God for the success of CFM’s recent youth conferences and trainings (as part of their outreach program). Many young people have attended and were highly engaged.  

Sun 23rd – DR Congo Pray for HEAL as they are equipping churches in Buhene for counselling and gospel outreach. Buhene is an incredibly volatile district of Goma that struggles with public violence and unrest. It was also one of the worst affected districts by the Mount Nyiragongo volcanic eruption (in 2021) as well as the recent conflict.

Mon 24th – Cambodia Praise God for blessing those families who received micro-enterprise development training and start-up capital to run their small business and are now able to earn extra income to support their families and send their kids to school.

Tue 25th – Indonesia Pray for the local church pastors in southwest Sumba. Pray that they would be open to Yasera and to working together to serve their local communities.

Wed 26th – India Pray for church leaders, NGO’s and Christian organisations (like BCM) in Karnataka, India, as they plan their work around the new anti-conversion law. Persecution of Christians and other minority groups has been increasing in India recently.

Thu 27th – DR Congo Praise God, and continue praying, for Ephphatha’s bible translation project where they are creating videos presenting the four Gospels in local sign language.

Fri 28th – Uganda Praise God for Faith, Wakisa’s agriculture teacher, who is the sole carer for her adult son with a mental illness. Pray for her as she balances her work with her other responsibilities and pray for God’s comfort, peace and healing for them both.

Week 5

Sat 29th – DR Congo Pray for the people of DR Congo as the conflict and instability continues. Pray that God might work through the countries’ leaders to secure peace and safety for those they serve.

Sun 30th – WorldShare Praise God for having his hand over those members of the WorldShare team who have been travelling in recent months.

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