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Week 1

Mon 1st – DR Congo Continue praying for the ongoing conflict between the DR Congolese Army and M23 rebel forces in the Eastern DR Congo. Pray for God’s peace and protection over our partners and the innocent people caught up in this conflict.

Tue 2nd – Uganda Pray for the girls at Wakisa who are awaiting the results of their university applications. Pray that God would bring them good news soon and give them peace as they wait. 

Wed 3rd – India Praise God for Malar (a staff member at BCM’s vocational training centre) who is expecting her first grandchild this month. Pray for good health and a safe delivery for Malar’s daughter and her child.

Thu 4th – Indonesia Pray for the wife of one of Yasera’s Field Officers, who recently had a miscarriage. Pray that God would pour his peace and comfort upon them as they go through this painful time together and pray for her full physical recovery soon.

Fri 5th – Cambodia Praise God that Sunshine Cambodia’s ‘Memorandum of Understanding’ (ie their registration) with the Ministry of Education has been completed.

Sat 6th – Uganda Praise God that the rains have finally arrived in Uganda, just in time for crop planting season. Pray for the farmers as they plant and tend their crops and pray that God would continue to provide good weather conditions as they work to grow food for their families and communities.  

Sun 7th – DR Congo Pray for Rebecca, a recent graduate of Ephphatha’s vocational training program, who lost her sewing machine and materials, along with all her worldly belongings, when her home was burned down last month. Pray that God would comfort her and give her hope during this difficult time.     

Week 2

Mon 8th – Uganda Praise God for a restful and safe Easter break for everyone at Wakisa Ministries.

Tue 9th – DR Congo Pray for Josue (a HEAL staff member) and his family, after their home was recently invaded by armed bandits. The bandits bound them and took everything they had. These attacks are becoming common in Goma as a result of the siege, rising costs of living and food shortages. Pray that God may give the family strength and peace after this horrifying experience.

Wed 10th – Cambodia Many members of the Sunshine community are currently struggling with serious illnesses. Please pray for Mr Sen (who is suffering from aplastic anemia), Mr Lima (thyroid cancer), Samnang’s wife, Chantheth (unexplained weakness) Chhuong, and Chamroeun’s sister (leukemia). Pray for God’s comfort and healing over each of them and their families at this time.

Thu 11th – Indonesia Praise God for the recruitment of Dito as a family health Field Officer for Yasera’s Southwest Sumba team. Praise God that the team is now complete.

Fri 12th – India Pray for Karnataka’s (the region where BCM lives and serves) state election this week. Pray that it might provide the region with a wise leader, more favourable laws for Christians and religious minorities, and good governance.

Sat 13th – DR Congo Praise God that Charmant (Ephphatha’s Director) is beginning to recover after having a series of serious illnesses in recent months. Pray that God would continue to strengthen and restore him back to full health.

Sun 14th – Uganda Pray for CFM’s village savings group in Bundege who recently lost of one of their members to an accident. Pray that God would comfort and strengthen them as they mourn their loss.  

Week 3

Mon 15th – DR Congo Pray for the people who are still in villages occupied by the M23 rebel forces. Pray that God may protect them against the violence, abuse and killings that are reportedly happening in these villages.

Tue 16th – Uganda Praise God for Wakisa’s new counsellor Hilda. Pray that she would feel welcomed and quickly feel part of the team.     

Wed 17th – Indonesia Pray that God will keep Yasera’s team in Southwest Sumba safe amidst the high crime rate in the district where they work.

Thu 18th – India Pray for the children in BCM’s sponsorship program. Pray for their safety while they are on school holidays. Sadly, during this time there are often more cases of injury and abuse. Pray that God would protect them from harm.

Fri 19th – Cambodia Praise God for the success of Sunshine’s recent training event that was attended (and well received) by 15 local authority members, school principals, teachers, and church partners.

Sat 20th – Uganda Pray for the 10 farmers who were recently involved in a car accident on the way to a CFM exposure visit. Pray for those who were seriously injured but praise God no one was killed.    

Sun 21st – DR Congo Continue praying for Luanda and Shabani, the pastors from Ephphatha that are working with the local churches in Sake and Minova  to serve and evangelise to deaf members of their communities, particularly pray for safety as they travel between communities during this dangerous time.

Week 4

Mon 22nd – Uganda Continue praying for Violet, Wakisa’s sponsorship coordinator, who is receiving treatment for a medical condition. Pray that she will recover soon so she can avoid needing surgery.  

Tue 23rd – DR Congo Pray for the children in North Kivu who have been forced to leave their communities by the conflict and are currently missing out on going to school. Pray that God would have his hand over them at this time and they might be able to return to their homes and classrooms soon.  

Wed 24th – Cambodia Praise God for the children in Sunshine’s school programs. Pray that they might see God’s love reflected through their teachers and the team at Sunshine that care so much for them. And as they go on a school outing this month pray that they would have a safe and fun time.  

Thu 25th – Indonesia Praise God for the success of the recent training that Yasera ran with representatives from six local churches on how to practically serve their communities.

Fri 26th – India Pray for the provision of 20 new sewing machines to meet the need at BCM’s vocational training centres for women.   

Sat 27th – DR Congo Pray for Agnes and Michaela from Ephphatha who were recently hospitalised for a few days and for all of those people dealing with serious illness during this time of conflict in Goma.

Sun 28th – Uganda Pray for the CFM team as they launch their new integrated sponsorship program in the village of Bunambutye. The program will address many of the root causes of poverty in community.

Week 5

Mon 29th – DR Congo Praise God for keeping everyone at Ephphatha and HEAL Africa safe (for the most part) amidst the ongoing conflict and insecurity around them. Some families have been robbed by armed bandits in their homes, but praise God that nobody was killed or seriously hurt.

Tue 30th – Uganda Continue praising God for the people who gave their lives to Christ and the four churches that were planted during CFM’s recent outreach events. 

Wed 31st – India There continue to be reports of religious discrimination across the country. Pray for God’s hand over our Christian brothers and sisters (and all members of religious minorities) who live in fear of persecution for their faith.

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