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Week 1

Thu 1st – DR Congo Continue praying for the hundreds of thousands of people forced to flee their homes by the conflict in Eastern DR Congo. Pray for safety, shelter, and provision of food for these displaced people. Pray also for those, like our partners HEAL Africa and Ephphatha, who are rising up to support them.

Fri 2nd – Uganda Praise God for CFM’s new finance manager, Moses. CFM is grateful to God for raising up a skilled and devout person for the role and Moses is grateful to be part of CFM’s ministries and to work at place full of devotion and spiritual nourishment.       

Sat 3rd – India Pray for BCM’s plans to open a new vocational training centre in Maralakunta village after receiving requests from the village elders. Praise God that the centre will be able to help 150 vulnerable women (each year) from that community learn skills to support their families.

Sun 4th – Indonesia Praise God for the new members of Yasera’s Sumba team and pray for them as they undergo training in Yasera’s operational procedures and safeguarding policies this month.  

Mon 5th – Cambodia Pray for God’s wisdom and guidance over the Sunshine team as they plan and prepare their community programs for next year.

Tue 6th – Uganda Continue praying for the new mums at the Wakisa centre who are currently trying to reconcile with their families. Pray for God’s hand over these girls, their children, their parents and the Wakisa team as they try to support the girls and facilitate these reconciliations.

Wed 7th – DR Congo Pray for the children in the internally displaced people camps in Kanyaruchinya, Kibati and Muja. Praise God that HEAL Africa is able to provide counselling and physical movement classes (which can help them process trauma). Pray that God may provide for their needs and be their comfort during this painful time.

Week 2

Thu 8th – Uganda Pray for Winfred at CFM, who is currently trying to balance work, further study and caring for her grandmother who has been sick for a few months now. Pray that God would heal her grandmother and give Winfred energy and wisdom as she balances all her responsibilities.      

Fri 9th – DR Congo Praise God that HEAL has been able (so far) to continue running their primary school inside the Mugunga displaced people camp. The school gives children a safe place to go, to learn and to have some sense of ‘normalcy’ amidst the chaos of the current situation.

Sat 10th – Cambodia Praise God for blessing Sunshine’s Amnor outreach project. The first two local partner churches are now equipped to run children’s ministry and outreach in their communities.

Sun 11th – Indonesia Pray that God would continue to keep the Yasera team safe as they travel between the city of Tambolaka and the village (about 1 hour by motorbike).

Mon 12th – India With the new school year starting this month, pray for the students in BCM’s sponsorship program. Pray that God has kept them safe over the holidays and that they can begin the new school year with hope and enthusiasm.

Tue 13th – DR Congo Praise God for Ephphatha’s new ministry to the deaf in Nyirangogo. Also, pray for God’s blessing over Charmant (Ephphatha’s Director) as he continues to meet with local Nyirangogo authorities to promote the needs of the deaf community as well as their ministry.

Wed 14th – Uganda Praise God for the young mums at Wakisa who have chosen to return to school and continue their education. Pray for them as they face the unique challenges of parenting alongside the ‘typical’ challenges of school life. Praise God that Wakisa is able to support them through their sponsorship program. 

Week 3

Thu 15th – DR Congo Praise God for HEAL Africa’s Mercy Fund, which covers the medical bills of the most vulnerable patients admitted to the HEAL Africa hospital. As the need for this service has grown significantly in recent times pray for God’s continued blessing, guidance and provision.

Fri 16th – Uganda Pray for God’s blessing over the new child groups that CFM is starting in Bunambutye. These groups will meet regularly to provide tutoring and mentoring for primary school children in the community.

Sat 17th – Indonesia Praise God for the 11 new families that have been surveyed and will soon join the 189 families participating in Yasera’s project activities in Southwest Sumba.

Sun 18th – India Praise God for BCM’s childcare centre, which provides vulnerable young children with nutritious meals and a place to learn and have fun, as well as enabling their parents to work or undertake vocational training to support the family.

Mon 19th – Cambodia Praise God that many parents are making a big effort to attend Sunshine’s father’s and mother’s clubs, where they’ve recently been learning about how to build good family relationships.

Tue 20th – Uganda Praise God for the level of unity and teamwork Wakisa is enjoying after welcoming several new staff members over recent months.

Wed 21st – DR Congo Pray for Ephphatha’s staff members who are struggling to make ends meet as the cost of living continues to skyrocket in the DR Congo. Pray for God’s wisdom and guidance for the whole Ephphatha team as they work to support their staff, their families and their community amidst these ever-increasing costs.   

Week 4

Thu 22nd – Uganda Praise God for the continued success of CFM’s recent youth conferences and trainings (as part of their outreach program). Many young people have attended and were highly engaged.  

Fri 23rd – DR Congo Pray for God’s protection over the children in Ephphatha and HEAL Africa’s programs. Pray that he might continue to keep them safe from the violence, unrest and kidnappings that have become common experiences in recent months.

Sat 24th – Cambodia Pray for families in the community who have been impacted by factory closures this year. In the aftermath of the COVID pandemic and stricter enforcement of EU regulations, factories across Cambodia have been closing. Most parents in Prey Veng work in garment factories so it’s having a huge impact on families and the community.

Sun 25th – Indonesia Praise God for the recent maternal and child health training undertaken by Yasera’s community health workers.      

Mon 26th – India Praise God BCM was able to accomplish all the activities planned last year (they work off a July-June year) and pray for God’s wisdom as the team prepares their strategic plans for next year’s programs.

Tue 27th – Uganda Pray for the young mothers at Wakisa who aren’t able to return to school because they need to work to earn a living. Praise God for Wakisa’s vocational training program that equips and empowers these young women to support themselves and their children.  

Wed 28th – DR Congo Praise God, and continue praying, for Ephphatha’s bible translation project where they are creating videos presenting the four Gospels in local sign language.

Week 5

Thu 29th – Uganda Pray for the young people and children of Uganda. Youth unemployment and the number of children orphaned and living on the streets are incredibly high.

Fri 30th – WorldShare Pray for our partners overseas as they are being impacted by dramatic price inflation and shortages of food and essentials. Pray for God’s protection and provision over them and their communities. Pray also for God’s wisdom, provision and guidance as we work to support them.

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