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Week 1

Sat 1st – DR Congo Continue praying for the ongoing conflict between the DR Congolese Army and M23 rebel forces in the Eastern DR Congo. Pray for God’s peace and protection over our partners and the innocent people caught up in this conflict.

Sun 2nd – Uganda Pray for everyone affected by the recent attack on a school by the ADF (an armed rebel group from across the border in the DR Congo). 41 members of the school community were killed in the attack and an unknown number of people were abducted. Pray for the safe return of those abducted, healing for the surviving victims, and for God’s peace and comfort over their families and the whole community.

Mon 3rd – India Pray for the elderly and vulnerable people in Hosur Bande village, where there has been a heat wave recently (with temperatures reaching over 40 degrees). Pray for BCM as they work to support and care for these vulnerable community members and pray that God will keep them safe and give them comfort and relief.

Tue 4th – Indonesia Praise God for the success of Yasera’s recent trip to Southwest Sumba, where they established six new community savings groups (four of which meet in local churches).

Wed 5th – Cambodia Praise God that Mr. Nop Sen at Sunshine is now home and recovering well after 16 days in hospital receiving treatment for an infection (he suffers from aplastic anaemia and so infections are very dangerous). Praise God for keeping him safe during the treatment and pray for continued healing.

Thu 6th – Uganda Pray for the new staff members at Wakisa – Hilda (counsellor), Paula (program director), and Ritah (social worker). Pray that they would each feel welcomed and quickly feel part of the team.

Fri 7th – DR Congo Pray for the 16 students at Ephphatha’s primary school who are taking their final exams this month.     

Week 2

Sat 8th – Uganda Praise God for the 33 girls at Wakisa who have accepted Jesus Christ as their Lord and Saviour in recent months.

Sun 9th – DR Congo Please pray for more than 600,000 people in the DR Congo that have been impacted by funding decisions by large multilateral donors. This includes 100 HEAL Africa staff members who have recently lost all funding for their programs (which includes their salaries). Praise God that this hasn’t impacted the programs WorldShare supports.

Mon 10th – Cambodia Praise God for the continued good collaboration between Sunshine’s leaders and the officials of the local ministries (the Ministry of Education, Youth and Sports and the Ministry of Social Affairs, Veterans and Youth Rehabilitation) so they can better serve their communities together. 

Tue 11th – Indonesia Pray for Mardianto, one of Yasera’s health workers, who recently broke his wrist in a road accident while in the field. Pray for comfort and for a full and speedy recovery.

Wed 12th – India Praise God for the provision of 15 new sewing machines for BCM’s vocational training centres for women. Continue praying for the provision of the remaining five machines they’re hoping for.   

Thu 13th – DR Congo Praise God that Charmant (Ephphatha’s Director) continues to recover after having a series of serious illnesses in recent months. Pray for God’s healing also over his son, who has been sick in recent weeks.

Fri 14th – Uganda Praise God for blessing CFM’s recent Bunambutye project launch. After a challenging period of transition in the community all the activities have been attracted large numbers of people and spirits are high. Pray for God’s continued blessing over the project and the community.

Week 3

Sat 15th – DR Congo Pray for the students at HEAL and Ephphatha as they are on school holidays this month. Sadly, during this time (as there is less supervision) there are often more cases of injury and abuse. Pray that God would protect them from harm, particularly with the extra dangers in Goma right now.

Sun 16th – Uganda Pray for Wakisa as they deal with steeply rising operational costs, and particularly the girl’s hospital bills. Pray for God’s guidance and provision over them.      

Mon 17th – Indonesia Praise God that Desintawati (one of Yasera’s Field Coordinators) is settling in well to her new home in the Southwest Sumba region.

Tue 18th – India Pray for Manimegali, a student in BCM’s vocational training program who is suffering from a stomach tumour. Pray for God’s comfort and healing over her.  

Wed 19th – Cambodia Praise God for the safety and success of Sunshine’s recent excursion, in which they took the children to Kampong Spue Water Park. The children had a great time swimming and playing.

Thu 20th – Uganda Praise God for protecting John Wandera (CFM’s president), his wife Jesca, Annet (CFM’s Board Chairperson) and Pius (Programs Manager), when they were recently involved in a serious car accident on the way back from the Bunambutye Project launch event.

Fri 21st – DR Congo Praise God for keeping Goma (where are ministry partners live and serve) safe during the Nyamulagira volcano eruption last month, as the lava flow was channelled away from the city.  

Week 4

Sat 22nd – Uganda Praise God for recent donation (from a local company) of a solar water heater for the Wakisa centre. It’s lowered the cost of heating and boiling water for hygiene practices and medical care.

Sun 23rd – Cambodia Pray for God’s hand over Cambodia’s national election today. Pray in particular, for peace and safe travel for all those people who are returning to their hometowns to vote.  

Mon 24th – DR Congo Pray for the 10 children in HEAL’s sponsorship program that are graduating from high school this month. Pray that God might protect and guide them during this challenging time for them and their region.

Tue 25th – Indonesia Pray for Maria at Yasera as she facilitates the village meeting with the Department of Women and Child Protection. Pray that God would bless them as they work together to establish a village children assembly to help prevent child marriage in the Southwest Sumba region.

Wed 26th – India Praise God for the new vocational training centre that BCM established this month in Maralkunte village.   

Thu 27th – DR Congo Praise God for keeping Ephphatha’s Pastor Muteberwa safe during his recent mission trip to the eastern Bunia province, particularly with it being so dangerous and difficult to travel through that region right now.  

Fri 28th – Uganda Pray for Moses (CFM’s Finance Manager), Barbra (Livelihood Manager) and Winnie (Sponsorship Manager) who are sitting their final exams in their respective training courses this month.

Week 5

Sat 29th – DR Congo Praise God for keeping everyone at Ephphatha and HEAL Africa safe (for the most part) amidst the ongoing conflict and insecurity around them. Some families have been robbed by armed bandits in their homes, but praise God that nobody was killed or seriously hurt.

Sun 30th – Cambodia Pray for Mrs Channa at Sunshine, who recently broke her shoulder in a traffic accident. Pray for a full and quick recovery.

Mon 31st – India Pray for Karnataka’s (the region where BCM lives and serves) new state leaders. Pray that they might provide wise leadership, more favourable laws for Christians and religious minorities, and good governance.

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