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Week 1

Fri 1st – DR Congo Pray for the people of DR Congo and particularly North Kivu, where our partners live and serve. In addition to the ongoing civil conflict, they are now facing a terrible cholera outbreak. In North Kivu alone, more than 8,000 children under 5 have been infected so far this year, which is six times more than the whole of last year.

Sat 2nd – Uganda Pray for Hilda, a counsellor at Wakisa, who has been suffering from malaria and typhoid fever. Pray for God’s healing and comfort over her and for a full and swift recovery.

Sun 3rd – India With the rainiest months of India’s wet season approaching, pray for BCM’s efforts to replace the roof of their child care centre, so they can continue to ensure the children have a safe and healthy place to play and learn.

Mon 4th – Indonesia Pray for Yasera as they are in the process of extending their certification with Kesbangpol (the government office that gives permission to non-government organisation to operate in the region). Pray that everything goes smoothly, and they get their extension soon.

Tue 5th – Cambodia Praise God that Cambodia’s recent national election was peaceful. Pray for the leaders of the country that they would have the wisdom, ability and a heart to serve the people of Cambodia well.    

Wed 6th – Uganda Praise God for the new church that was planted in Namayingo and the people who gave their lives to Christ during CFM’s recent outreach events.

Thu 7th – DR Congo Praise God for the recent capacity building training – focussed on the fight against malaria – that was attended by Ephphatha’s Dr. Aaron, nurses Anicet and Segho, and lab assistant Elise.  

Week 2

Fri 8th – Uganda Praise God for the 13 babies (and their mums) that have been safely delivered in recent months at Wakisa.

Sat 9th – DR Congo Pray for the mother of Sandrine, HEAL’s child sponsorship coordinator, who was recently hit by a motorcycle while she was crossing the road. Praise God that she has been recovering well so far and pray for a full and speedy recovery.  

Sun 10th – Cambodia Pray for Sunshine as they are looking to recruit a new School Development Program Coordinator. Pray that God might guide Sunshine through this process and raise up the right candidate to fulfill this role.

Mon 11th – Indonesia Pray for the children and youths that are attending Yasera’s monthly meetings and child assembly activities. Praise God that they are committed to completing their education. Pray that parents will also support their children as they dream big, develop their talent, and live into their potential.

Tue 12th – India Pray for Mrs. Bhuvaneshwari, a teacher at one of BCM’s vocational training centres, whose father-in-law is battling serious illness and has been recently hospitalised. Pray for comfort and healing and for God’s hand over him and the whole family.    

Wed 13th – DR Congo Pray for health and healing for the mother of Mungwakokwa (a staff member at Ephphatha’s medical centre), who has been very ill recently. Praise God for healing Pastor Papy and Charmant’s son who have also been quite unwell.    

Thu 14th – Uganda Praise God that Barbra (CFM’s Livelihood Manager) and Winnie (Sponsorship Manager) successfully completed their courses (with excellent results) in project planning and management last month.

Week 3

Fri 15th – DR Congo Praise God for the 11 children at HEAL Africa that recently graduated from high school and from the sponsorship program. Pray that God might protect and guide them as they look for work to support themselves during this challenging time for them and their region.

Sat 16th – Uganda Pray for Stephen (Wakisa’s transport officer) who recently had an operation. Pray for healing, comfort and a full and timely recovery.

Sun 17th – Indonesia Pray for Maria (one of Yasera’s field staff) and her mother, who recently underwent surgery to remove a tumour. Pray for healing, comfort, and a full and fast recovery.

Mon 18th – India Praise God for the new vocational training centre that BCM is establishing in Maralkunte village. Its opening was recently delayed by some unforeseen circumstances but pray that it will open soon and quickly serve to empower members of the community.    

Tue 19th – Cambodia Pray for (Sunshine’s program coordinator) Kimhon’s father, who recently underwent surgery to remove a kidney tumour. Praise God that the surgery went well and pray for his full recovery.     

Wed 20th – Uganda Pray for the staff member at CFM who is recovering after a recent miscarriage that threatened her life. Praise God for saving her life. Pray for His healing over her body and His peace and comfort over her mind as she mourns her lost child.

Thu 21st – DR Congo Praise God for the school teachers at the Ephphatha Centre for the deaf; Temo, Masika, Soveren, Daniella and all of the supervisors as they love, serve and teach deaf children in Goma.  

Week 4

Fri 22nd – Uganda Continue praying for Wakisa as they deal with steeply rising operational costs, and particularly the girl’s hospital bills. Pray for God’s guidance and provision over them.

Sat 23rd – DR Congo Pray for all the vulnerable children in internally displaced people camps (IDPs) and praise God that HEAL has been able to continue running their primary school inside the Mugunga IDP camp. The school gives children a safe place to go, to learn and to have some sense of ‘normalcy’ amidst the chaos of the current situation.

Sun 24th – Cambodia Praise God for the ongoing success of Sunshine’s children and youth clubs. Praise God that many children and youths are attending them. Praise God that the kids are all having fun but also growing in confidence, understanding and maturity.

Mon 25th – Indonesia Pray for Mardianto at Yasera, who is still having troubles with his wrist after it was dislocated several months ago. Pray that it might soon heal fully and no longer cause him problems.

Tue 26th – India Pray for strength and guidance for BCM’s management, teachers, and community staff members as they serve their communities, and particularly their students, during this academic year.

Wed 27th – DR Congo Praise God for the 20 recent graduates of Ephphatha’s vocational training program. Pray for them as they look for employment and acceptance amidst the crises in Goma.

Thu 28th – Uganda Praise God for continuing to bless CFM’s new Bunambutye project. After a challenging initial period of transition in the community, all the activities are now being well attended and engaged with.

Week 5

Fri 29th – DR Congo Continue praying for safety and security for our ministry partners in Goma. Aside from the dangers from the civil conflict, the situation (food shortages, skyrocketing costs, etc.) has led to insecurity in the city. One partner recently reported that “Not a night goes by without houses in our street being visited and robbed by gangs of thieves”.

Sat 30th – Uganda Continue praying for the new staff members at Wakisa – Paula (centre manager), and Ritah (social worker). Pray that God would help them quickly get up to speed and perform in their new roles.

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