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Week 1

Sun 1st – DR Congo Praise God for HEAL’s Uamusho project, which provides support, education and empowerment for young people living on the streets. Praise God that HEAL has been able to continue running the program despite the additional challenges of the ongoing civil conflict. Pray for the Uamusho members who are working to empower themselves through school, university, or vocational training amidst the chaos of their current situation.

Mon 2nd – Uganda Praise God for the five new (additional) spots Wakisa was recently able to create in their sponsorship program.   

Tue 3rd – India Praise God for the students at BCM’s vocational training centres. Praise God that the number of students continues to increase and pray that He would bless their efforts to empower themselves through skill acquisition and hard work. 

Wed 4th – Indonesia Pray for the 24 severely malnourished children that Yasera has identified and are assisting. Pray for their parents as they strive to provide nutritious meals and pray that the children may gain weight. Praise God for a local regional paediatrician that is willing to do clinical check-ups for these children.

Thu 5th – Cambodia Pray for two girls in Sunshine’s sponsorship program who recently spent time in the local Children’s Hospital (one for a severe case of bronchitis, the other for dengue fever). Praise God that they have now returned home and pray for a full and speedy recovery for them both.     

Fri 6th – Uganda Praise God for his answer to prayers and that (CFM’s Livelihood Manager) Barbra’s mother’s health condition (she suffers from complications related to diabetes) has greatly improved in recent months.  

Sat 7th – DR Congo Pray for safety and God’s blessing over Pastor Papy and Sarah from Ephphatha, as they travel to Mombasa for an evangelical mission.

Week 2

Sun 8th – Uganda Praise God for Esther, from Wakisa’s sponsorship program, who is graduating with her university degree in human resource management this month!

Mon 9th – DR Congo Pray for God’s healing over all the patients at the HEAL Africa hospital. With the need for this service growing significantly in recent times praise God for their Mercy Fund (which covers the medical bills of the most vulnerable patients admitted to the hospital) and pray for God’s continued blessing, guidance, and provision.

Tue 10th – Cambodia Praise God for guiding Sunshine to a new partner school that will join their School Development project. Pray that God will bless the school, its students and the local community through this partnership.   

Wed 11th – Indonesia Continue praying for Yublina at Yasera, who has been bringing her two children to the office while her husband is working in Jakarta. Pray that God would bless her efforts as she balances childcare and focusing on her work. Praise God that she has been able to find accommodation closer to the office so she can spend less time commuting.   

Thu 12th – India Praise God for the provision of resources and equipment (in particular, 15 new sewing machines) for BCM’s vocational training centres. As student numbers are growing pray for continued provision of resources to match the need.

Fri 13th – DR Congo Praise God for Dr. Aaron, Bititi, Elise, Anicet and all the staff at Ephphatha’s medical centre. Pray for God’s strength and blessing over them as they tirelessly serve patients through the day and night.

Sat 14th – Uganda Praise God for Pastor Isaac, CFM’s chief operating officer. Pray for him as he begins a university master’s degree in management. Pray that he might be able to balance his workloads, study well and use his learnings to serve his community even better.       

Week 3

Sun 15th – DR Congo Pray for all the students who have dropped out of school in recent months due to the conflict and insecurity in the region. Pray that they might soon return to school and continue to get a valuable education. 

Mon 16th – Uganda Praise God for Nabadda, from Wakisa’s sponsorship program, who was recently accepted into university to study business administration, majoring in accounting and finance.

Tue 17th – Indonesia Pray that God will keep Yasera’s team in Southwest Sumba safe amidst the high crime rate in the district where they work.

Wed 18th – India Pray for BCM’s plans to establish another Women’s and Children Centre (and possibly a hospital) this year in one of the villages they serve.  

Thu 19th – Cambodia Praise God for the ongoing success of Sunshine’s parents’ clubs. Praise God that many parents are attending them, and that Sunshine’s staff have been filled with joy from seeing the positive impact the clubs are having in local families.

Fri 20th – Uganda Pray for the new agriculture training that CFM is starting in Bunambutye. Pray that this program will help the community with their challenges around food insecurity.

Sat 21st – DR Congo Pray for the training events – for learning sign language, raising awareness around gender-based violence, and recovery strategies for patients – that Ephphatha are preparing to run over the next few months.

Week 4

Sun 22nd – Uganda Praise God for Fatuma, from Wakisa’s sponsorship program, who was recently accepted into a Bachelor of Business Studies and Education at university.

Mon 23rd – DR Congo Pray for God’s protection over the children in Ephphatha and HEAL Africa’s programs. Pray that he might continue to keep them safe from the violence, unrest and kidnappings that have become common experiences in recent months.

Tue 24th – Cambodia Praise God for the success of Sunshine’s ongoing meetings with church and local community leaders, as they look to collaborate together to address the needs of their communities.

Wed 25th – Indonesia Pray for Desintawati, Yasera’s Field Coordinator in Southwest Sumba. Pray that God will give her wisdom and knowledge, patience, and endurance as she manages the team and oversees the program.

Thu 26th – India Pray for Karnataka’s (the region where BCM lives and serves) new state leaders. Pray that they might provide wise leadership, good governance and ensure more favourable treatment for Christians and religious minorities.

Fri 27th – DR Congo Praise God, and pray, for Nicole, Solomon, Lofemba, Temo; Chance, Mpassa, Dorcas, Fabian and Stanislas from Ephphatha’s bible translation project where they are creating videos presenting the four Gospels in local sign language.

Sat 28th – Uganda Praise God for the success of CFM’s recent youth conferences and trainings (as part of their outreach program). Many young people have attended and all were highly engaged.

Week 5

Sun 29th – DR Congo Pray for all the people who have been forced from their villages by the ongoing conflict and are currently living in the internally displaced people camps. Pray for God’s protection and peace over them during this time and pray that they might soon be able to return to their homes.

Mon 30th – Uganda Pray for the new child groups that CFM is starting in Bunambutye. These groups will meet regularly to provide tutoring and mentoring for primary school children in the community.

Tue 31st – Cambodia Pray that God would continue to keep the Yasera team safe as they travel between the city of Tambolaka and the village.

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