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Week 1

Wed 1st – DR Congo Pray for safety for our partners and all the people in Goma. In addition to the dangers of the civil conflict raging around and inside the city, the siege has led to people protesting the lack of action from the government and international organisations. At many of these protests, violence has broken out (on both sides) and many people (including innocent bystanders) have been killed.

Thu 2nd – Uganda Praise God that Hilda, a counsellor at Wakisa, has been able to find accommodation closer to the Wakisa Centre, which will cut down the costs and safety risk of her travel.

Fri 3rd – India Continue praying for Mrs. Bhuvaneshwari, a teacher at one of BCM’s vocational training centres, whose father-in-law is battling serious illness and has been recently hospitalised. Pray for comfort and healing and for God’s hand over him and the whole family.   

Sat 4th – Indonesia Pray for rain to come to Sumba. The region has been experiencing a drought in recent months and it’s making it even more challenging for families who struggle to access clean water and rely on subsistence farming to feed their families.

Sun 5th – Cambodia Praise God for the success of Sunshine’s child protection seminar that was well attended by teachers, school principals, church leaders and the local authorities last month. Praise God that Sunshine staff are already seeing significant change in members from this group as a result of the seminars they’ve been running.

Mon 6th – Uganda Praise God for CFM’s new agriculture training in Bunambutye. Pray for rain, as the area has been under a long dry spell. And pray that this program will help the community with their challenges around food insecurity.

Tue 7th – DR Congo Praise God for the teachers and students at Ephphatha’s school for the deaf. Pray for them particularly as they begin a new school year amidst the violence and unrest all around them.

Week 2

Wed 8th – Uganda Pray for God’s healing over the young mother at Wakisa who has been suffering from frequent and severe seizures.  

Thu 9th – DR Congo Pray for God’s healing over all the patients at the HEAL Africa hospital. With the need for this service growing significantly in recent times praise God for their Mercy Fund (which covers the medical bills of the most vulnerable patients admitted to the hospital) and pray for God’s continued blessing, guidance, and provision.

Fri 10th – Cambodia Pray for a young girl in Sunshine’s sponsorship program whose grandmother (her carer at home) is currently in hospital in Phnom Penh after been assaulted. Pray for her grandmother’s full and speedy recovery and for the rest of the family as they look after themselves while she’s recovering.  

Sat 11th – Indonesia Praise God for the success of our ministry partner’s training event for local community representatives last month. Pray that God will bless these representatives and their commitment towards transforming their communities.

Sun 12th – India With the rainiest months of India’s wet season approaching, pray for BCM’s efforts to replace the roof of their childcare centre, so they can continue to ensure the children have a safe and healthy place to play and learn.

Mon 13th – DR Congo Pray for Charmant (Ephphatha’s Director) who was recently involved in a traffic accident while travelling on a motorbike taxi. Praise God for protecting his life and that he only suffered relatively minor injuries – for which he’s currently receiving physiotherapy. Pray for his full and speedy recovery.  

Tue 14th – Uganda Praise God that Barbra (CFM’s Livelihood Manager) and Winnie (Sponsorship Manager) were able to successfully complete their courses (with excellent results) in project planning and management.

Week 3

Wed 15th – DR Congo Pray for an Ephphatha student who is recovering after being assaulted and robbed in Goma. Pray for healing for her body and her mind as she recovers from this traumatic event.

Thu 16th – Uganda Pray that the construction of Wakisa’s new health centre might be completed soon and that it might quickly be a blessing to both the young women at Wakisa and the nearby community.

Fri 17th – Indonesia Pray for Maria (one of our ministry partner’s field staff). Praise God that her mother is recovering well from her surgery (which we prayed for in September), but now Maria is suffering from unexplained stomach pains. Pray that doctors can find the cause of her pain, that it’s nothing too serious, and that she can feel better soon.

Sat 18th – India Praise God for the new vocational training centre that BCM is establishing in Maralkunte village. Its opening was recently delayed by some unforeseen circumstances but pray that it will open soon and quickly serve to empower members of the community.    

Sun 19th – Cambodia The Cambodian government recently transferred their responsibilities for primary schools and other development works from the national level to the district level. This means that Sunshine will now be working with all new government officials. Pray for Sunshine’s upcoming meetings with all the governors and the relevant officials (for the districts where they work) to discuss and learn how to best work and support each other for the interests of the children and their families.

Mon 20th – DR Congo Pray for God’s protection over the children in Ephphatha and HEAL Africa’s programs. Pray that he might continue to keep them safe from the violence, unrest and kidnappings that have become common experiences in recent months.

Tue 21st – Uganda Praise God for continuing to bless CFM’s new Bunambutye project. After a challenging initial period of transition in the community, all the activities are now being well attended and engaged with.

Week 4

Wed 22nd – Uganda Continue praying for Wakisa as they deal with steeply rising operational costs, and particularly the girl’s hospital bills. Pray for God’s guidance and provision over them.

Thu 23rd – DR Congo Praise God for healing Sandrine, HEAL’s child sponsorship coordinator, who has been struggling with illness recently.

Fri 24th – Cambodia Praise God for healing Mr. Sem Sochetra (Sunshine’s Director), who has had a long run of illness in recent months, most recently suffering from a bad case of COVID-19. Praise God that he is now back to full health.

Sat 25th – Indonesia Pray for our ministry partner as they’re looking to hire a new health staff member. Pray that God would guide them and raise up the right person for the role.

Sun 26th – India Pray for strength and guidance for BCM’s management, teachers, and community staff members as they serve their communities, and particularly their students, during this academic year.

Mon 27th – DR Congo Pray that God would bless Ephphatha’s planned outreach events – evangelising to the deaf community – this month.

Tue 28th – Uganda Pray for students in CFM’s sponsorship program who are sitting their final exams over the next few weeks.

Week 5

Wed 29th – DR Congo Pray for all the people who have been forced from their villages by the ongoing conflict and are currently living in the internally displaced people camps. Pray for God’s protection and peace over them during this time and pray that they might soon be able to return to their homes.

Thu 30th – Uganda Praise God that Wakisa has found a new Director, Paula, so Vivian (who celebrated her 69th birthday last month) can step back from some of her day-to-day duties and take on more of an ambassadorial role.

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