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Week 1

Fri 1st – World Praise God that – with all the suffering and darkness in the world right now – we can remember and celebrate God sending His true light into the world this Christmas season.

Sat 2nd – DR Congo Continue praying for our partners and the people of North Kivu, where, in addition to the ongoing civil conflict, they are now facing a terrible cholera outbreak. More than 8,000 children under 5 have been infected so far this year, which is six times more than the whole of last year.

Sun 3rd – India Praise God for the students at BCM’s vocational training centres. Praise God that the number of students continues to increase and pray that He would bless their efforts to empower themselves through skill acquisition and hard work. 

Mon 4th – Indonesia We have been praying for Yublina – who has been bringing her two children to the office while her husband is working in Jakarta – for the past few months. Praise God that her mother is now able to look after the kids during the week, enabling Yublina to better focus on her work while she’s in the office. Praise God for answering prayers.  

Tue 5th – Cambodia Praise God for Ms. Mao Chakriya – Sunshine’s new School Development Program Coordinator for the Prey Veng province. She comes with great experience in the field and Sunshine is so excited to have her joining their team.

Wed 6th – Uganda Praise God for the success of CFM’s recent youth conferences and trainings (as part of their outreach program). Many young people have attended, and all were highly engaged.

Thu 7th – DR Congo Pray for the training events – for learning sign language, raising awareness around gender-based violence, and recovery strategies for patients – that Ephphatha are running over the next few months.

Week 2

Fri 8th – Uganda Praise God for the excellent teamwork and team spirit at Wakisa under the new centre manager (and soon-to-be Director) Paula. 

Sat 9th – DR Congo Praise God for HEAL’s Uamusho project, which provides support, education and empowerment for young people living on the streets. Praise God that HEAL has been able to continue running the program despite the additional challenges of the ongoing civil conflict. Pray for the Uamusho members who are working to empower themselves through school, university, or vocational training amidst the chaos of their current situation.  

Sun 10th – Cambodia Praise God that everything is going well with Sunshine’s a new partner school. Praise God for the good collaboration with the principals and teachers and that the program activities are already running smoothly.   

Mon 11th – Indonesia Praise God that, in another answer to prayer, Kesbangpol (the government office that gives permission to non-government organisation to operate) has extended our ministry partner’s certification through to December 2025.

Tue 12th – India Praise God for the provision of resources and equipment (in particular, 15 new sewing machines) for BCM’s vocational training centres. As student numbers are growing pray for continued provision of resources to match the need.

Wed 13th – DR Congo Continue praying for safety and God’s blessing over Pastor Papy and Sarah from Ephphatha, as they travel for evangelical mission.

Thu 14th – Uganda Praise God for Pastor Isaac, CFM’s chief operating officer. Pray for him as he continues his university master’s degree in management. Pray that he might continue to be able to balance his workloads, study well and use his learnings to serve his community even better.       

Week 3

Fri 15th – DR Congo Praise God for the opportunity for Dr. Aaron (from Ephphatha’s medical centre) to undertake specialist training with the Red Cross this month.

Sat 16th – Uganda Praise God for the 27 girls at Wakisa who have accepted Christ as their Lord and Saviour in recent months.

Sun 17th – Indonesia Praise God that our ministry partner’s interventions to help 24 severely malnourished children in the region are going well. Praise God that children are putting on weight and half of children have now progressed from a ‘severely malnourished’ to ‘moderately malnourished’.

Mon 18th – India Pray for BCM’s plans to establish another Women’s and Children Centre (and possibly a hospital) this year in one of the villages they serve.  

Tue 19th – Cambodia Praise God for the ongoing success of Sunshine’s parents’ clubs. Praise God that many parents are attending, and that Sunshine’s staff have been filled with joy from seeing the positive impact the clubs are having in local families.

Wed 20th – DR Congo Pray for the DR Congo’s general election today. Pray for safety and peace as people cast their votes amidst the conflict and uncertainty that permeates the nation.    

Thu 21st – Uganda Praise God for the ongoing success of CFM’s village savings groups, who are empowering families with their first steps towards financial independence.

Week 4

Fri 22nd – Uganda Praise God for the babies (and their mums) that have been safely delivered in recent months at Wakisa.

Sat 23rd – DR Congo Pray for all the vulnerable children in internally displaced people camps (IDPs) and praise God that HEAL has been able to continue running their primary school inside the Mugunga IDP camp. The school gives children a safe place to go, to learn and to have some sense of ‘normalcy’ amidst the chaos of the current situation.

Sun 24th – Cambodia Pray for Sunshine’s new local fundraising plans. Sunshine is aiming to raise funds from local companies to support their programs. Pray that God would guide them and bless their efforts.  

Mon 25th – World Praise God for sending his one and only son into the world, so we can have a right relationship with him, experience his love, and be part of his kingdom.

Tue 26th – Indonesia Pray for Desintawati, our ministry partner’s Field Coordinator in Southwest Sumba. Pray that God will give her wisdom, patience, and endurance as she manages the team and oversees the program.

Wed 27th – DR Congo Praise God, and pray, for Nicole, Solomon, Lofemba, Temo; Chance, Mpassa, Dorcas, Fabian and Stanislas from Ephphatha’s bible translation project where they are creating videos presenting the four Gospels in local sign language.

Thu 28th – Uganda Pray for safety for CFM staff as they travel between villages. Incidences of road accidents rise dramatically in the region over the Christmas season.

Week 5

Fri 29th – DR Congo Pray for the people of the DR Congo. Pray for an end to the civil conflict. Pray for an end to the total siege of Goma. Pray that roads would be able to reopen and that food supplies can travel through the country again and reach the vulnerable people currently facing starvation.

Sat 30th – Uganda Pray for the new child groups that CFM is starting in Bunambutye. These groups will meet regularly to provide tutoring and mentoring for primary school children in the community.

Sun 31st – WorldShare Praise God for being with us all and guiding us through the joys and challenges of 2023. We thank God for everyone in our WorldShare community and we pray that he may continue to bless you abundantly in 2024.

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