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Week 1

Mon 1st – WorldShare Praise God that his love and mercy never cease and are new each morning (Lamentations 3). Praise God for a new year and pray that he may continue to work through WorldShare and our ministry partners to serve and grow His kingdom.

Tue 2nd – DR Congo Continue praying for all the people who have been forced from their villages by the ongoing conflict and are currently living in the internally displaced people camps (many of them for almost a year now). Pray for God’s protection and peace over them during this time and pray that they might soon be able to return to their homes.

Wed 3rd – India Pray for Ms. Divyabharathi (BCM’s sponsorship coordinator) whose father recently passed away. Pray that their family may experience God’s grace, comfort, and care at this difficult and painful time.

Thu 4th – Indonesia Praise God for answering our prayers and bringing rain to Sumba. The region has been experiencing a drought in recent months and it had been making it even more challenging for families who struggle to access clean water and rely on subsistence farming to feed their families.

Fri 5th – Cambodia Praise God for the recent visit of Northlight Church members to Sunshine Cambodia. Praise God for keeping everyone safe and blessing their time together.  

Sat 6th – Uganda Pray for the students in our partners’ programs that are on school holidays. Sadly, during this time (as there is less supervision) there are often more cases of injury and abuse. Pray that God would protect them from harm.

Sun 7th – DR Congo Praise God for the members of Ephphatha’s bible translation project who are travelling to Tanzania for training and mission. Pray that God would keep them safe and bless their work.

Week 2

Mon 8th – Uganda Pray for the young woman at Wakisa who recently delivered a stillborn baby. Pray that God will help everyone at Wakisa support her well and that He’d pour down His comfort and healing over her at this heartbreaking time. 

Tue 9th – DR Congo Praise God for the five children in HEAL’s sponsorship program who recently earned their high school diploma. With all the turmoil going on around them this is an amazing achievement.     

Wed 10th – Cambodia Praise God that all of the year 12 students in Sunshine’s school programs passed their final exams last month.   

Thu 11th – Indonesia Continue praying for Maria (one of our ministry partner’s field staff) who has been suffering from unexplained stomach pains for months now. She is stepping away from work this month with the hope that complete rest might help her heal. Pray for God’s healing for Maria and guidance for her doctors as they investigate the cause of her pain.

Fri 12th – India Pray for Mrs Shanthi, a teacher at BCM’s Women & Childcare Centre, who’s facing a challenging time while her husband is recovering from an accident and is unable to walk.

Sat 13th – DR Congo Pray for the families and loved ones of three Ephphatha members who passed away last month (in separate incidences). Pray for God’s comfort and healing over them at this difficult and painful time.

Sun 14th – Uganda Praise God for Pastor Isaac, CFM’s chief operating officer. Pray for him as he prepares for the upcoming final exams for his university master’s degree in management. Pray that he may continue to study well and use his learnings to serve his community even better.       

Week 3

Mon 15th – DR Congo Pray for Nicole and Justine from HEAL Africa who have both been struggling with illness recently. Pray that God would quickly return them back to full health.

Tue 16th – Uganda Continue praying for Wakisa as they deal with steeply rising operational costs, and particularly the girl’s hospital bills. Pray for God’s guidance and provision over them.

Wed 17th – Indonesia Pray for God’s wisdom and guidance for our ministry partner in Indonesia as they look to recruit for their finance and admin team. Pray that God would raise up the right person for the role.

Thu 18th – India Pray for the students at BCM’s Sinclair School as they prepare for their upcoming exams this month.

Fri 19th – Cambodia Pray for Mr. Long Samnang (Sunshine’s program manager) and his wife, whose clothing shop burned down recently in a fire that destroyed the whole marketplace. Pray for all the families that have lost their livelihoods overnight and pray for them as they look to rebuild.

Sat 20th – DR Congo Praise God that (Ephphatha’s Director) Charmant’s wife is recovering well after her recent surgery.      

Sun 21st – Uganda Praise God for keeping CFM staff safe as they travel between villages. Pray that He might continue to protect them as incidences of road accidents rise dramatically over the holiday season.

Week 4

Mon 22nd – Uganda Pray for the three girls at Wakisa who have been having terrible nightmares recently. Many of the young women at Wakisa are suffering from trauma as the result of the abuse or manipulation that led to them being at the centre. Pray that God will heal and comfort them.  

Tue 23rd – DR Congo Praise God that HEAL was recently able to do a big handout of school supplies to students at their Mugunga primary school. Families in the area have been stretched to breaking point with the events of last year and so it was a big relief to many of them, and nice for the kids to enjoy receiving some ‘gifts’ amidst everything going on around them at this time.

Wed 24th – Cambodia Praise God that, in just the last three months, 195 Cambodian children have heard the gospel (most of them for the very first time) through local churches we support.

Thu 25th – India Continue praying for BCM’s new vocational training centre in Maralkunte village. Its opening has been delayed by some unforeseen circumstances but pray that it will open soon and quickly serve to empower members of the community.

Fri 26th – Indonesia Praise God for the recent donation of a second-hand 4×4 truck to our partner in Indonesia. Pray that everything goes smoothly as it gets shipped from Lombok to Sumba this month.

Sat 27th – DR Congo Pray for the young deaf woman at Ephphatha whose family has cast her out of their home and is trying to take her child from her.

Sun 28th – Uganda Praise God for the success of CFM’s recent child protection training (as part of their Bunambutye program). Many people attended, and all were highly engaged.

Week 5

Mon 29th – DR Congo Pray for safety for our partners and everyone in Goma. In addition to the dangers of the civil conflict raging around and inside the city, the siege has led to people protesting the lack of action from the government and international organisations. At many of these protests, violence has broken out (on both sides) and many people (including innocent bystanders) have been killed.

Tue 30th – Uganda Continue praying for our ministry partners and vulnerable communities in Uganda as they face shortages and skyrocketing prices of food, fuel and other essentials.

Wed 31st – Cambodia Pray for the team at Sunshine as they’re considering a new school to partner with. Pray for God’s wisdom and guidance as they do their due diligence and evaluate the school.

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