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Week 1

Thu 1st – Uganda Continue praying for the young Wakisa mother who has been suffering from frequent and severe seizures. She recently returned to her family home but the medical care in their rural area is not enough for her needs. Pray that they can find a way to get her the treatment she needs.    

Fri 2nd – DR Congo Praise God for protecting our partners and their families in Goma from the incredible threats they’re facing – civil conflict, a city under siege, violent crime, kidnappings, and a cholera outbreak – pray that God would continue to keep them safe and bring an end to all these challenges.

Sat 3rd – India Pray for BCM’s school annual graduation and performance day held this month. Pray for the team preparing the event and pray that the children will be able to exhibit their talents and enjoy being celebrated.

Sun 4th – Indonesia Pray for our ministry partner as they are currently building their Health, Sufficiency and Flourishing program team. Pray that God would raise up the right people and the team will come together quickly and well. 

Mon 5th – Cambodia Praise God that Sunshine’s meetings with the district chief of Mean Chey have been going well. We prayed for these last November after the Cambodian government transferred responsibilities for primary schools and other development works from the national level to the district level. Praise God for answering our prayers.  

Tue 6th – Uganda Praise God that Barbra (CFM’s Livelihood Manager) and her mother are both back to full health after each suffering from health challenges in recent months.

Wed 7th – DR Congo Praise God for the vocational training teacher and the schoolteacher at Ephphatha who each are expecting their first child in coming weeks. Pray for a safe and healthy pregnancy and birth for both mothers and their children.  

Week 2

Thu 8th – Uganda Praise God for providing Wakisa with a safer and more reliable vehicle to transport the girls to and from their hospital visits.

Fri 9th – DR Congo Praise God for the Mugunga primary school that HEAL is able to run inside the Mugunga internally displaced people camp. The school gives children a safe place to go, to learn and to have some sense of ‘normalcy’ amidst the chaos of the current situation. Praise God in particular for their new school food program, which is ensuring these kids are getting at least one good meal each day when they come to school.  

Sat 10th – Cambodia Praise God for the ongoing success of Sunshine’s children and youth groups. Recently these groups have been participating in community service activities including planting trees, repairing a toilet block, and installing solar light poles to help light paths and roads.      

Sun 11th – Uganda Praise God for the ongoing success of CFM’s village savings groups, and in particular the recent business training that ran for 10 days and was well attended by people interested in starting their own businesses.

Mon 12th – India Praise God for the students at BCM’s vocational training centres. Praise God that the number of students continues to increase and pray that He would bless their efforts to empower themselves through skill acquisition and hard work.

Tue 13th – DR Congo Praise God for the ongoing construction of classrooms, offices, and a toilet block at Ephphatha’s school for the deaf. Pray that the construction work continues to go well, and that everything can be completed soon.  

Wed 14th – Indonesia Pray for peace and safety and God’s hand over Indonesia’s presidential election today.  

Week 3

Thu 15th – DR Congo Praise God for HEAL’s Uamusho project, which provides support, education and empowerment for young people living on the streets. Praise God in particular for their new art class, which teaches skills but is also part HEAL’s wholistic approach to addressing the terrible trauma impacting these young people.    

Fri 16th – Uganda The police recently brought 10 young mothers to Wakisa. These girls have been living on the streets and had completely lost contact with their families. Praise God for enabling Wakisa to use their networks (they have connections with social workers in all the surrounding districts) to find each of these girls’ families and reconnect them together!

Sat 17th – Indonesia Praise God that our ministry partner’s interventions to help 24 severely malnourished children in the region are going well. Continue praying for their parents as they work to better feed their families.

Sun 18th – India Praise God for the women in BCM’s vocational training program. Praise God that women from all castes are able and willing to come together to empower themselves, increase their independence, and help support their families, through vocational skills and understanding.

Mon 19th – Cambodia Praise God for Sunshine’s program offering micro-enterprise (small business) training and start-up capital for families who are looking for additional sources of income to support themselves. Pray that God would use this program to bless and empower people in their community.   

Tue 20th – DR Congo Praise God for the success of Ephphatha’s recent training events – for learning sign language, raising awareness around gender-based violence, and recovery strategies for patients.

Wed 21st – Uganda Praise God for the two new church parishes that are looking to join in with CFM’s programs in Bunambutye. Pray that God would bless and guide them as they go through their establishment processes.  

Week 4

Thu 22nd – Uganda Praise God for the excellent teamwork and team spirit at Wakisa under the new centre manager Paula. 

Fri 23rd – DR Congo Praise God for the new mushroom cultivating project at Ephphatha. The project is helping students learn how to grow their own food and also create a source of income. The mushrooms they’re growing are also being used in Ephphatha’s school canteen.

Sat 24th – Cambodia Praise God for continuing to heal Sunshine’s program manager, Mr. Nop Sen. He’s been getting treatment for plastic anaemia (a rare condition where the body stops producing enough new blood cells) after suffering from it for years and his latest test results show ‘normal’ levels of blood cells, haemoglobin and platelets. Praise God!  

Sun 25th – India Praise God for BCM’s childcare centre, which provides vulnerable young children with nutritious meals and a place to learn and have fun, as well as enabling their parents to work or undertake vocational training to support the family.

Mon 26th – Indonesia Praise God for the impact of our ministry partner’s savings group program. Many people have been able to free themselves from debts to loan sharks and been able to start businesses and increase their income to provide for their families.

Tue 27th – DR Congo Pray for the people of the DR Congo. Pray for an end to the civil conflict. Pray for an end to the total siege of Goma. Pray that roads would be able to reopen and that food supplies can travel through the country again and reach the vulnerable people currently facing starvation.

Wed 28th – Uganda Pray for the new child groups that CFM is starting in Bunambutye. These groups will meet regularly to provide tutoring and mentoring for primary school children in the community.

Thu 29th – Uganda Praise God for the ongoing success of CFM’s outreach programs, which are sharing the gospel throughout remote villages and seeing many churches being planted and people coming to faith in Christ.

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