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You can view or download this month’s Prayer and Praise diary here or read all of the points below.

Week 1

Fri 1st – DR Congo As the fighting (between the M23 rebel military group and the DR Congolese army) intensifies and gets closer to Goma every day, pray for God’s protection over the people of Goma and our ministry partners living there.

Sat 2nd – Uganda Pray for CFM as they’re awaiting confirmation of the continuation of their operational permit from the authorities. The permit process is important but also quite time consuming for organisations, so pray that CFM will be rewarded for all their hard work and receive their permit soon.

Sun 3rd – India Pray for Mrs Jayalakshmi, a teacher in BCM’s vocational training program. Her husband was involved in an accident last month and spent a week in ICU due to a minor head injury. He’s now returned home but pray for his ongoing recovery.

Mon 4th – Indonesia Praise God that Maria (who we prayed for in January because she had been suffering from unexplained stomach pains for months) is now well enough to work and has extended her contract with our Indonesian ministry partner (she had been contemplating stepping away from work due to her illness).

Tue 5th – Cambodia Pray for Srena at Sunshine who is battling typhoid fever. May God heal her quickly and completely.

Wed 6th – Uganda Pray that Wakisa’s permit (to house the girls) will be renewed quickly by the Ministry of Gender, Labor, and Social Development for another five years.

Thu 7th – DR Congo Praise God for all the doctors, nurses, and social workers at the HEAL Africa hospital. Pray that God would strengthen and support them as they continue assisting vulnerable people affected by the ongoing war.

Week 2

Fri 8th – Uganda Pray for Sharon, the cook at Wakisa, whose four-year-old twins were recently diagnosed with sickle cell disease. Pray Sharon and her family as they come to terms with the diagnosis and for everyone at Wakisa as they support her at this time.

Sat 9th – DR Congo Praise God for healing the mother of Sandrine (HEAL’s child sponsorship coordinator) who was recently in a traffic accident.

Sun 10th – Cambodia Praise God for blessing the hard work of the students in Sunshine’s school programs, with 90% of them passing their exams and moving up to the next grade this year.   

Mon 11th – Indonesia Praise God that the 4×4 truck that was donated to our ministry partner (which we prayed for in January) has been transported safely to Sumba. Praise God also for the local Sumbanese man who has signed on to be their part time driver.  

Tue 12th – India Pray for the students at BCM’s Sinclair School as they prepare for their upcoming exams this month. Pray that they might study effectively and so be able to approach the exams with confidence.

Wed 13th – DR Congo Pray for the secondary school students in Goma as they sit for exams amidst the chaos all around them. Last month, bombs exploded near a number of schools as the military conflict reached the city outskirts. Pray for safety and peace of mind as they prepare for and sit their exams.   

Thu 14th – Uganda Pray for students in our partners’ programs as they return to school this year and praise God for keeping them safe over holidays (sadly, during this time, as there is less supervision, there are often more cases of injury and abuse).

Week 3

Fri 15th – DR Congo Praise God for HEAL’s Uamusho project, which provides support, education and empowerment for young people living on the streets. Praise God in particular for their new art class, which teaches skills but is also part HEAL’s wholistic approach to addressing the terrible trauma impacting these young people.   

Sat 16th – Uganda Pray for the young woman at Wakisa who is pregnant with twins and has been admitted to hospital several times already with complications. 

Sun 17th – Indonesia Praise God that the owner of our ministry partner’s office extended their rental agreement without raising the price (which he’d been seriously considering until the last minute).

Mon 18th – India Pray for the people of Bangalore as the city is facing severe water shortages. Many people are unable to access water at all or are having to use whatever (often dirty) water they can find. With Summer approaching, and rainy season not due until July, the situation is likely to get worse.

Tue 19th – Cambodia Continue praying for Samnang (our ministry partner’s Program Manager) and his wife, whose clothing shop burned down recently in a fire that destroyed the whole marketplace. Pray for all the families that have lost their livelihoods overnight and pray for them as they look to rebuild.

Wed 20th – DR Congo Praise God that the teachers at Ephphatha (who we prayed for last month) have both safely given birth to healthy babies in recent weeks. Praise God that both mothers and their children are doing well. 

Thu 21st – Uganda Praise God for keeping CFM staff safe as they travel between villages, particularly in recent months as incidences of road accidents rise dramatically over the holiday season.

Week 4

Fri 22nd – Uganda Praise God for the 15 girls at Wakisa who have accepted Jesus Christ as Lord and Saviour in recent months.  

Sat 23rd – DR Congo Continue praying for all the people who have been forced from their villages by the ongoing conflict and are currently living in the internally displaced people camps (many of them for almost a year now). Pray for God’s protection and peace over them during this time and pray that they might soon be able to return to their homes.

Sun 24th – Cambodia Pray for Sunshine as they’re looking for a new member to join their board of directors. Pray that God would help them find the right person for the role.

Mon 25th – India Pray for the teacher at BCM’s Women & Childcare Centre, who’s facing a challenging time while her husband is still recovering from an accident and is unable to walk.

Tue 26th – Indonesia Praise God for Lidia, a local Sumbanese woman, who has joined our ministry partner’s team in the finance and administration role (that we prayed for in January).

Wed 27th – DR Congo Pray for the younger sister of Pastor Papy at Ephphatha, who was hospitalised (at the HEAL Africa hospital) last month. Pray for a quick and full recovery.

Thu 28th – Uganda Praise God for Barbra (CFM’s Livelihood Manager) and Winnie (Sponsorship Manager) who are graduating from their courses in project planning and management this month. Praise God for everything they have learned that will help CFM serve their community even better.

Week 5

Fri 29th – DR Congo Praise God for the recent donation of a bus to Ephphatha. Pray that there won’t be any damage or delay as it’s being transported to them this month.  

Sat 30th – Uganda Praise God for the babies (and their mums) that have been safely delivered in recent months at Wakisa.

Sun 31st – World Praise God that Jesus Christ died for our sins, was buried, and rose again. Praise God that Jesus has conquered death and we can have a right relationship with God, now and for eternal life.

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