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You can view or download this month’s Prayer and Praise diary here or read all of the points below.

Week 1

Wed 1st – DR Congo As the fighting (between the M23 rebel military group and the DR Congolese army) intensifies and gets closer to Goma every day, pray for God’s protection over the people of Goma and our ministry partners living there.

Thu 2nd – Uganda Praise God for the ongoing success of CFM’s village savings groups and pray for them as they’re establishing a number of new groups in the Bunambutye community they serve.

Fri 3rd – India Continue praying for the people of Bangalore as the city is facing severe water shortages. Many people are unable to access water at all or are having to use whatever (often dirty) water they can find. With Summer approaching, and rainy season not due until July, the situation is dire.

Sat 4th – Indonesia Praise God for Lidia, a local Sumbanese woman, who recently joined our ministry partner’s team in the finance and administration role. Pray that she might grow in skills and confidence as she continues to learn our partner’s financial systems and regulations.  

Sun 5th – Cambodia Pray for one of Sunshine’s program managers, Samnang, who has been unwell and in pain over the past month. Pray that they can work out what’s causing the pain and pray for health and healing throughout his body.

Mon 6th – Uganda Continue praying for the young woman at Wakisa who is pregnant with twins and has been admitted to hospital several times already with complications.

Tue 7th – DR Congo Praise God for the recent donation of a school bus to Ephphatha (so they can transport students that live far from the school). It’s currently being transported from Tanzania, so please pray there won’t be any damage, delay, or challenges as it comes into the DR Congo. 

Week 2

Wed 8th – Uganda Continue praying for Wakisa as they deal with steeply rising operational costs, and particularly the girl’s hospital bills. Pray for God’s guidance and provision over them.

Thu 9th – DR Congo Pray for everyone in the Bulengo internally displaced people camp who (on top of everything else they’ve been going through) are recovering from the effects of torrential rain and severe storms.  

Fri 10th – Cambodia Praise God for the success of recent meetings (and a growing relationship) between Sunshine, the local authorities and church leaders.   

Sat 11th – Indonesia Praise God that our ministry partner’s interventions to help moderately and severely malnourished children have seen about half of the children putting on weight. Pray that this progress would continue and pray especially for those children who haven’t seen much change yet.

Sun 12th – India Praise God that BCM’s FCRA licence (which allows them to receive money from overseas) has finally been renewed. They’ve been working and waiting – and we’ve been joining them in prayer – for this for the last four years. Without the licence we (and their other overseas supporters) wouldn’t be able to support them anymore, so this is a huge praise point and answer to prayer.

Mon 13th – DR Congo Pray for health and healing for a number of Ephphatha’s staff members and their families, who have been struggling with illness (some to the point of hospitalisation) in recent weeks.

Tue 14th – Uganda Pray for Pastor Isaac (CFM’s chief operating officer) as he undergoes a minor surgery this month to remove scar tissue that has been causing him long term pain. 

Week 3

Wed 15th – DR Congo Pray for God’s protection over the Mugunga primary school. In addition to nearby explosions and an encroaching battlefront, there’s now been a lot of bandit activity in the area and HEAL were recently forced to relocate anything valuable to their offices in central Goma city.   

Thu 16th – Uganda Continue praying for Wakisa as they look to recruit gynaecologists and paediatricians to volunteer at the new health centre.

Fri 17th – Indonesia Praise God for the 16 savings groups that have recently been established in the villages our partners serve. Many families have already testified how they are being positively impacted and benefitting from the groups.

Sat 18th – India Praise God for the students at BCM’s vocational training centres. Praise God that the number of students continues to increase and pray that He would bless their efforts to empower themselves through skill acquisition and hard work.

Sun 19th – Cambodia Pray for one of Sunshine’s program managers, Sen, who has been suffering from a persistent fever since last month. His doctor recently reduced his medication for aplastic anaemia after a series of promising blood results, so this fever is a very discouraging development.      

Mon 20th – DR Congo Pray for the students at Ephphatha’s vocational training program who are beginning their internships this month. Pray that they will continue to improve, learn new skills, and grow in confidence from this experience.

Tue 21st – Uganda Pray for good weather and continued success for CFM’s agricultural program in Bunambutye as they work to improve crop yields and address food insecurity in the region.

Week 4

Wed 22nd – Uganda Praise God for the girls at Wakisa who have returned to school (thanks to our sponsorship program). Pray that God would bless their hard work and bravery and lead them to success in their studies.

Thu 23rd – DR Congo Praise God for all the doctors, nurses, and social workers at the HEAL Africa hospital. Pray that God would strengthen and support them as they assist people affected by the conflict.

Fri 24th – Cambodia Continue praying for Sunshine as they’re looking for a new member to join their board of directors. Pray that God would help them find the right person for the role.

Sat 25th – India Praise God for BCM’s childcare centre, which provides vulnerable young children with nutritious meals and a place to learn and have fun, as well as enabling their parents to work or undertake vocational training to support the family.

Sun 26th – Indonesia Pray for Desi as she undergoes the final steps for her promotion to become our partner’s Sumba Program Manager. Pray that God will guide and help her as she manages the staff, the program, partnerships, and finances.

Mon 27th – DR Congo Praise God for Ephphatha’s bible translation project and pray for the team as they continue making plans for the second half of the year. Pray for God’s wisdom and guidance over them. 

Tue 28th – Uganda Praise God for keeping CFM staff safe on the roads as they travel between villages.

Week 5

Wed 29th – DR Congo Pray that overseas media, governments and organisations would give more attention to the situation in the eastern DR Congo and provide more support to the people suffering as a result of this conflict.  

Thu 30th – Uganda Praise God for the ongoing success of CFM’s outreach programs. People are hearing the gospel for the first time, and many are giving their life to Christ. 

Fri 31st – Indonesia Praise God for the 100 children and teenagers who are attending our partner’s Children’s Assembly activities. Pray that they will each continue to be enthusiastic and attentive and benefit from these assemblies.

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