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You can view or download this month’s Prayer and Praise diary here or read all of the points below.

Week 1

Sat 1st – DR Congo Pray for the families of the victims of the recent bombing in the Mugunga IDP camp that killed at least 14 and injured 50 people (a majority of whom were children and women).

Sun 2nd – Uganda Pray for the Bunambutye community (where CFM serves) as they look to rebuild after recent floods. Many people lost their homes and all of their crops, and they’re currently having issues with clean water as well. Pray for CFM as they support those affected to survive, rebuild, and replant.

Mon 3rd – India Continue praying for the people of Bangalore as the city is facing severe water shortages. Many people are unable to access water at all or are having to use whatever (often dirty) water they can find.

Tue 4th – WorldShare As we approach the end of the financial year, we praise God for all of our supporters. We know it’s been a challenging year financially for many people here in Australia and so we thank God for their continued financial support (and support in prayer) towards the work of our partners overseas and the communities they serve.

Wed 5th – Cambodia Pray for Sunshine’s admin and finance officer Phary and her father, who was recently hospitalised after hitting his head in a fall. Praise God that he is home now but pray for him as he continues to recover and get further medical treatment.  

Thu 6th – Uganda Praise God that the young woman who we’ve been praying for at Wakisa (who was pregnant with twins and had been hospitalised due to complications) safely delivered her twins last month.

Fri 7th – DR Congo Pray for two families in the Ephphatha community who recently lost family members (one passed away from starvation, the other from illness). Pray that God would pour down His comfort on these families at this difficult time.

Week 2

Sat 8th – Uganda Praise God for Esther, a new vocational skills teacher at Wakisa. Pray that she can quickly feel welcomed and settle into her new role.

Sun 9th – DR Congo Pray for Pytchen and the HEAL Africa staff members who were working in the Mugunga camp nearby when the recent bombing happened and were caught up in the violent clashes that followed. Praise God for protecting them from serious physical harm and pray for them as they mentally recover from the terrifying incident.   

Mon 10th – Cambodia Praise God that Sunshine’s fathers’ and mothers’ clubs have been going well. It’s a great opportunity for Sunshine’s staff to develop good relationships with parents and for parents to learn about family strengthening and financial management. Praise God that Sunshine is already seeing significant changes in many of these families.   

Tue 11th – Indonesia Praise God for Ana, who was formerly a health field staff member in our partner’s Bali team and has now joined the Sumba team. Praise God that she is adjusting well to life in Sumba.

Wed 12th – India Pray for children in BCM’s programs as they begin the new school year. Praise God for keeping them safe during the break and pray that they can be ready and excited to return to school. Pray also that they would not feel the pressure that many of them face to quit school in order to work.

Thu 13th – DR Congo Continue praying for health and healing for a number of Ephphatha’s staff members and their families, who have been struggling with illness (many to the point of hospitalisation) in recent weeks.

Fri 14th – Uganda Praise God for Moses (CFM’s finance manager) and pray for him as he is preparing for his wedding this month, while also finishing up the final two subjects for his CPA.

Week 3

Sat 15th – DR Congo Praise God for the teachers at Mugunga School, for their commitment, courage, understanding and care, and for their ability to inspire a love of learning in the children they serve.   

Sun 16th – Uganda Praise God for the 18 girls at Wakisa, who have accepted Jesus as their Lord and Saviour in recent months.

Mon 17th – Indonesia Praise God for our partner’s partnership with a local mobile library organisation. The mobile library comes to our partner’s monthly Children’s Assembly meetings and provides the 100 children that attend with access to reading books.  

Tue 18th – India Continue praying for the teacher at BCM’s Women & Childcare Centre, who’s facing a challenging time while her husband is still recovering from an accident and is unable to walk.

Wed 19th – Cambodia Please pray for the mother of one of the children in Sunshine’s Phnom Penh project, who is facing health challenges following her recent childbirth. Pray for strength and healing for her and her new daughter.

Thu 20th – DR Congo Praise God for the deaf pastors, evangelists, and members of the bible translation team at Ephphatha and praise God for the theological training they recently took part in.

Fri 21st – Uganda Pray for our partners and the people of Uganda as there has been an increase in violent robberies and attacks in recent months (there is significant political and social instability and tension in the country at the moment).

Week 4

Sat 22nd – Uganda Praise God for Marion, a midwife at Wakisa, and pray for her as she’s currently studying three days a week (while working at the centre the rest of the week) to upgrade her nursing skills and to even better serve the girls.

Sun 23rd – DR Congo Pray for the families that our partners serve in the DR Congo that are struggling as a result of the civil conflict. Pray that God would give them strength and resilience in the face of hardship and uncertainty.

Mon 24th – Cambodia Praise God for Sunshine’s new program that is providing start up capital for families that have been impacted by factory closures in the region. Pray for God’s wisdom and guidance over the program and that it can be a catalyst for positive change in the lives of these families.

Tue 25th – India Praise God for the women in BCM’s vocational training program. Praise God that women from all castes are able and willing to come together to empower themselves, increase their independence, and help support their families.

Wed 26th – Indonesia Praise God for the training our partner is providing for community health workers in Southwest Sumba. One community health worker in particularly recently said that it’s been the most impactful training she’s received in her career.

Thu 27th – DR Congo Praise God for protecting our partners and their families in Goma from the incredible threats they’re facing – civil conflict, a city under siege, violent crime, kidnappings, and a cholera outbreak – pray that God would continue to keep them safe and bring an end to all these challenges.

Fri 28th – Uganda Praise God that CFM’s recent child protection training in the community was well attended and received.

Week 5

Sat 29th – DR Congo Pray that overseas media, governments, and organisations would give more attention to the situation in the eastern DR Congo and provide more support to the people suffering as a result of this conflict.  

Sun 30th – WorldShare Praise God for all of our ministry partners overseas. Many of them have faced incredible challenges this year (ranging from civil war to skyrocketing costs and shortages of food and essentials). Pray for God’s protection and provision over them and their communities. Pray also for God’s wisdom, provision, and guidance as we work to support them.

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