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You can view or download this month’s Prayer and Praise diary here or read all of the points below.

Week 1

Mon 1st – DR Congo Continue praying for the families of the victims of the recent bombing in the Mugunga IDP camp that killed at least 14 and injured 50 people (a majority of whom were children and women).

Tue 2nd – Uganda As children return to school praise God for the success of CFM’s holiday literacy and numeracy classes as well as the recent distribution of scholastic materials to all the children in their programs.

Wed 3rd – India Praise God for the recent rain in Bangalore that has brought momentary relief and hope for everyone in the city that are currently facing severe water shortages. The situation is still dire so continue praying for more rain and relief.  

Thu 4th – Indonesia Pray for the families in the communities our partner serves, who are currently busy planting in their rice fields. Pray for good growing conditions and that the eventual harvest will be sufficient to support their family.

Fri 5th – Cambodia Praise God that recent meetings between Sunshine and a number of local institutions (who they’re approaching for the purposes of fundraising) have been going well. Pray that God would continue to bless these meetings.  

Sat 6th – Uganda There have been a number of babies born at Wakisa in recent months with physical complications. Pray for these babies and their mothers as they deal with the immediate and longer-term challenges of these complications. 

Sun 7th – DR Congo Continue praying for the two families in the Ephphatha community who recently lost family members (one passed away from starvation, the other from illness). Pray that God would pour down His comfort on these families at this difficult time.

Week 2

Mon 8th – Uganda Praise God that the construction of Wakisa’s new health centre is almost complete.

Tue 9th – DR Congo Continue praying for Pytchen and the HEAL Africa staff members who were working in the Mugunga camp nearby when the recent bombing and subsequent violent clashes occurred. Praise God for protecting them from serious physical harm and pray for them as they mentally recover from the terrifying incident.  

Wed 10th – Cambodia Praise God for the good results of Sunshine’s recent program evaluations (by a consultancy group). Praise God that the evaluations have also revealed some good opportunities for improvements as well.   

Thu 11th – Indonesia Pray for the 100 children from our partner’s Children’s Assembly who are having their final school examinations. Pray that God will give them wisdom and knowledge and that they might be able to get good grades.

Fri 12th – India Pray for the students at BCM’s Sinclair School as they prepare for their upcoming exams this month. Pray that they might study effectively and so be able to approach the exams with confidence.

Sat 13th – DR Congo Continue praying for the safe transport (from Tanzania) of the bus that was recently donated to Ephphatha (for them to use as a school bus for students that live far from the school).

Sun 14th – Uganda Continue praying for the Bunambutye community (where CFM serves) as they rebuild after recent floods. Many people lost their homes and all of their crops, and they’re currently having issues with clean water as well. Pray for CFM as they support those affected to survive, rebuild, and replant.

Week 3

Mon 15th – DR Congo Continue praying for everyone in the Bulengo internally displaced people camp who (on top of everything else they’ve been going through) are still recovering from the effects of severe storms. 

Tue 16th – Uganda Praise God for the young mothers who have recently returned home and are now making an income thanks to the vocational skills they learned through Wakisa’s vocational training.

Wed 17th – Indonesia Praise God for blessing our partner’s recent meeting with an Indonesian regional government agency (which is responsible for planning, research, and development at the local level) to explore ways they can work together to address the stunting issues in Southwest Sumba.  

Thu 18th – India Continue praying for BCM’s new vocational training centre in Maralkunte village. Its opening continues to be delayed by some unforeseen circumstances but pray that it will open soon and quickly serve to empower members of the community.

Fri 19th – Cambodia Pray for Sreypov, the wife of Chaova (one of Sunshine’s program coordinators), who was recently hospitalised for the severe pain she was suffering from kidney stones. Pray for relief from the pain, successful treatment and a swift recovery.

Sat 20th – DR Congo Keep praying for the students at Ephphatha’s vocational training program as they continue their internships this month. Pray that they will continue to improve, learn new skills, and grow in confidence from this experience.   

Sun 21st – Uganda Praise God that CFM has not been affected by the new government policies that have led to the closure of many NGOs in the area.

Week 4

Mon 22nd – Uganda Continue praying that Wakisa can recruit gynaecologists and paediatricians to volunteer at the new health centre once it opens.

Tue 23rd – DR Congo Continue praying for God’s protection over the Mugunga primary school. In addition to nearby explosions and an encroaching battlefront, there’s a lot of bandit activity in the area and, as a result, HEAL has been forced to relocate key equipment to their offices in central Goma city.  

Wed 24th – Cambodia Praise God for the recent meeting of two local parachurch movements where local churches and missions organisations committed to a vision to see 10% of the population being Christian by 2033 (it’s currently less than 1%).

Thu 25th – India Pray for BCM’s sponsorship team as they meet with the parents of sponsored children this month, as they work to encourage and equip parents to support their children’s educations.

Fri 26th – Indonesia Continue praying for Lidia, a local Sumbanese woman, who recently joined our ministry partner’s team in the finance and administration role. Pray that she might grow in skills and confidence as she continues to learn our partner’s financial systems and regulations. 

Sat 27th – DR Congo Continue praying for Francine, the year 1 teacher at Ephphatha, who is expecting a child soon. Pray for health for mother and child and a safe delivery when the time comes.

Sun 28th – Uganda Pray for Barbra (CFM’s Livelihood Manager) and her mother who has been having nerve issues recently and is getting scans this month to try and find out what’s causing them.  

Week 5

Mon 29th – Cambodia As rainy season begins, pray for safety on the roads for the Sunshine team and protection from other challenges that come from this season (e.g. flooding, increased illness, etc.).  

Tue 30th – Uganda Praise God for the girls at Wakisa who have accepted Jesus Christ as Lord and Saviour in recent months.  

Wed 31st – DR Congo Pray for the families that our partners serve in the DR Congo that are struggling as a result of the civil conflict. Pray that God would give them strength and resilience in the face of hardship and uncertainty.

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