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 An Ning Primary School Hostel

Few children from remote villages such as An Ning pass grade six of primary education, according to Department of Education statistics. A number of factors contribute to this: unsafe and crumbling facilities, long distances on foot to school over mountainous terrain which can take up to four hours a day, and poverty which oppresses these children on so many levels - education, health, opportunity, self-esteem – to name a few. In addition, the children and their families are of the Yao minority people group, one of China’s poorest ethnic groups who live in these barren mountains of DuAn County in Guangxi Province. 

The An Ning school reports show that many children do not attend on a regular basis due to the abovementioned. The children, aged 5-12 are also reported to often be unwell with colds, having had no breakfast, arriving at school wet from dew, often injured enroute and sometimes with just a sweet potato for lunch or nothing at all. 

The purpose of the hostel is to provide live-in facilities to help ensure children receive an education, by living in the hostel during the week and returning home on alternate weekends. This would also qualify students for meal supplement grants from the government, ensuring improved nutrition and hygiene. 
An Ning has a population of 1700 villagers, of which 90% are Yao people. The school has 86 primary students in five classes. The local government has built a new classroom block and a 60-bed hostel is desperately needed. WorldShare Ministry Partners Alfred and Alsie Ng have been working in this area since 2002, establishing a pastor network, churches, schools and hostels and many other projects.


Project Estimate


Stage I                                            Estimate
250 m2 double-storey building $ 96,300
Demolishing, facia, power etc    $ 49,700
     Total                  $146,000


Stage II Estimate
30 bunk bed sets                         $ 5,400
90 uniforms and shoes                           $15,900
60 sets mattresses, blankets, mosquito nets                        $ 6,700
Total                        $28,000


  This project is tax deductible. Code CHDASB.

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