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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the purpose of WorldShare?

To connect our supporters with overseas partners in challenging regions by resourcing, enabling and encouraging them with their vision to bring ongoing spiritual, physical and social transformation to their own people. 

How are WorldShare's projects funded?

WorldShare is primarily dependent on the Australian public’s generosity who support us through donations.

Are my donations tax-deductible?

WorldShare development projects are all tax-deductible.

Does WorldShare receive funding from the Australian government?

WorldShare does not currently receive funding from the Australian government.

Does WorldShare have political or religious affiliations?

WorldShare has no political affiliations. We are a multi-denominational Christian development and mission organisation.

How does WorldShare decide what ministry partners to support?

WorldShare considers ministry partners who are committed to transforming their people’s lives, that they are in good standing with their local Christian communities and have made themselves accountable both in terms of mission and finances. WorldShare has Partnerships Managers to review ministry partners’ vision, mission and values, analyse their needs and budgets, discuss and recommend initiatives and consider the capacity to introduce new ministry partners. Regular monitoring visits form part of our commitment to due diligence. Future ministry partners are considered who are geographically located near existing ministry partners in order to facilitate helpful networks, exchange of learning and to keep monitoring costs down.  All new partnerships undergo a rigorous due diligence process and approval from the WorldShare Board of Directors.

How do I know that the money I donate actually reaches the local ministry partner?

WorldShare has the legal responsibility to ensure donations are used for the agreed projects overseas. Ministry partners provide regular reports, audited accounts and our staff visit ministry partners on a minimum biennial schedule.

What percentage of my donation directly benefits the ministry partner I am supporting?

Currently, 8% of donations (one of the lowest among Australia not-for-profit organisations) cover critical operating costs such as rent and overheads. We are striving to reduce this percentage over time, the remaining 92% of donations directly benefit the ministry partner with around 11% of this is used to promote the work of the partner and about 11% allocated for project management for accountability, monitoring and reporting.  

Why did WorldShare change its name from CNEC Partners International?

WorldShare changed its name in March 2012 for the purpose of aligning with our overseas alliance partners such as WorldShare UK. It is also to provide greater clarity and simplicity in promotional activities as we seek to raise our profile and promote ministry partners in Australia.

Why have I never heard of WorldShare?

WorldShare began in 1943. Our ethos is to serve ministries in challenging regions, coming alongside them in partnership to transform their own communities for Christ. We do this through community development and church ministry programs.With a long tradition of volunteers, we endeavour to stretch the funds we receive for the greatest efficacy. As an approved Deductible Gift Recipient, a registered charity and a registered Australian company, WorldShare has operational obligations it must fulfill. WorldShare is externally audited every year and produces an Annual Report which is posted on our website.