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Morogoro Bible College, Tanzania

Equipping the local pastors to serve their rural communities in Muslim communities. 

Tanzania Medium

The Anglican Diocese of Morogoro covers a large area of central Tanzania. With a local population of more than 1.6 million, 49% are Christian, 32% Muslim and 19% animists. The Christian church is growing rapidly, and there is a need for well-trained leaders and workers to disciple new converts.

Morogoro Bible College provides a three year Diploma course to train workers for evangelism and pastoring of rural churches. Because the students are from poor backgrounds, they are only able to afford minimal fees. The College has traditionally relied heavily on overseas support for its upkeep. It is now working towards local support from a combination of Diocesan input, and has successfully implemented income-generating projects that are overseen by the College. WorldShare is helping the staff and students during this interim period, and has provided seed funding for a number of projects.

Transforming lives in Tanzania

TanzaniaTanzania, the largest country in East Africa, contains Africa's highest point - Mt Kilimanjaro, at 5,895 meters. Kilimanjaro, a dormant volcano, is snowcapped even though it is near the Equator. The population of 35.5 million consists of more than 120 ethnic groups.

Tanganyika, a British-controlled UN trust territory which gained independence in 1961, and Zanzibar, a British protectorate with an Arab population, which became independent in 1963, united to form Tanzania in 1964. Until resigning as president in 1985, independence leader Julius K. Nyerere guided two decades of socialism - adapted to the ujamaa policy of village farming. A multiparty system was established in 1992 after a constitutional amendment.

Some 80 percent of Tanzanians farm or fish at subsistence levels; in many areas tse-tse fly infestation hampers successful animal husbandry. Deteriorating roads and railways and high energy costs are major problems.


Tanzania Clothing Shop Tanzania Poultry Project Tanzania 2011 Class
Australia UNDP 2015 Human
Development Index
2nd of 188 Global Rank 151st of 188
82.4 years Life Expectancy at Birth 65 years
13 years Average Years of Schooling 5.1 years
Population earning below
$1.25 / day (PPP)
$42,831 Gross Domestic Product
per capita (2011 PPP USD)


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