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Emmanuel Christian University (UKRIM), Indonesia

Christian university with scholarships for poor students and for those affected by the devastating tsunami and volcano eruptions in the world’s largest Muslim country.

Indonesia UKRIM Medium

An adjunct of Faith Foundation Indonesia, UKRIM (Universitas Kristen Immanuel) was established in 1982 as a tertiary body with a vision to offer quality university education in a Christian environment. It is one of many tertiary institutions in Yogyakarta, which is known as Indonesia’s “city of education”. Students can choose from undergraduate degrees in Management, Accounting, Civil Engineering, Information Technology, Physics, Christian Education (Master’s level), Church Music and Christian Counselling. The Church Music and Christian Counselling degrees are amongst the first Christian-related degrees offered in Indonesia. There are around 700 students enrolled at UKRIM. Most of them come from poor families in remote areas across nearly all of Indonesia’s 34 provinces. 

Transforming lives in Indonesia


Australia's neighbour is home to 222 million people scattered through an archipelago of more than 17,000 islands. Indonesia is the world's fourth most populous nation and the world's largest Islamic although secular state. With Indonesia being our nearest neighbour we are compelled to work together to build bridges of trust and relationships. Our Christian ministry partners in Indonesia encourage us with their faithfulness.

Our ministry partners are involved in a broad spectrum of activities including tertiary education, health care and Micro-Enterprise Development (MED). Supporting national Christian workers and students in Indonesia through our Partnership Alliance is also an on-going opportunity.


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Australia UNDP 2015 Human
Development Index
2nd of 188 Global Rank 110th of 188
82.4 years Life Expectancy at Birth 68.9 years
13 years Average Years of Schooling 7.6 years
Population earning below
$1.25 / day (PPP)
$42,831 Gross Domestic Product
per capita (2011 PPP USD)