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A&A Ministries (Yanbian, JiLin)

Yanbian Prefecture in the province of JiLin in northeast China is often referred to as the “Third Korea” because of the 850,000 Korean Chinese living there. Most of them are North Korean descendants. Yanbian is strategically positioned as the gateway to North Korea and Russia, so there are great opportunities to reach out to both countries through the Korean Chinese in Yanbian. There is an urgent need to plant and grow churches among the Koreans of Yanbian.

Our Sponsor A Child program supports poor families in urban and rural areas. Many of the children involved with the sponsorship program in Yanbian have only one parent or have been abandoned by their parents and are cared for by a grandparent. Some of the children have family members who have been affected by leprosy and have benefited from a leprosy clinic established by our partner.