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A&A Ministries (DaLi, Yunnan)

Yunnan is a geographically varied province, with terrain ranging from tropical rainforests in the east to the icy Tibetan mountains on the western border. It is home to one third of China’s minority groups. Our partners demonstrate God’s love to the villagers in a number of ways, such as building medical clinics, training church workers, planting new churches, youth programs, vocational training for disabled people, micro-enterprise development and building water reservoirs.

Without doubt, Yunnan province is one of the most beautiful regions in China. It is the most geographically varied province and home to one-third of China’s minority groups. Churches amongst the minority people groups are often young in faith. Training programs are welcomed by the churches and even by the local authorities, because they know that solid biblical training has consistently led to good citizenship and orderly church communities. We are privileged to walk side-by-side with pastors who have a passion for their people and who work under difficult physical, economic and spiritual conditions.