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India - Bangalore City Mission (BCM)

BCM runs a number of community development programs, including a school for preschool to grade 10 students, a crisis centre for women, health care programs, adult literacy classes and income-generating initiatives.

India BCM

The vision of Bangalore City Mission (BCM) is to build strong communities that are able to provide for themselves, by empowering people to live long, creative and healthy lives.

BCM began when Paul and Violet Raj made the decision to welcome abandoned children into their home. They became aware of the challenges faced by the children of quarry workers who lived on the outskirts of the city. In 1990, they established Sinclairs High School to provide an education for disadvantaged children who had been forced to work in these dangerous environments. Now all of the children go to school instead of breaking gravel and rock. They all carry books instead of a shovel and hammer.

School Building Expansion:  The State Government has given BCM an ultimatum to expand the building to provide adequate space for the students by December 2015 or “lose” 250 needy kids from the school. In addition the Government has asked Sinclairs to extend education up to Year 12 (it currently educates only to Year 10). Funds are desperately needed to fund the first stages of the school building extension project.

NEW Health Clinic planned:  A new health clinic is planned for Hosur Bande. Lack of proper health care and ignorance about normal health precautions are of particular concern in this acutely impoverished community.  Health and proper nutrition are unaffordable for this largely migrant population. The new clinic will provide free primary health care, awareness and health education for Dalit oppressed groups.

Transforming lives in India

IndiaIndia is second to China in population, 1.1 billion, but India is growing faster (by some 17 million a year) and may surpass China by 2030. Although 81% of the people are Hindu, India also has more than 138 million Muslims - one of the world's largest Muslim populations. The Christian population is minute and increasingly persecuted.

Although racing ahead economically there are still gross inequities apparent throughout the country. The boom has enriched a consumer class of about 50 million people, but about 880 million still live on less than $US2 a day. At least 46% of children up to the age of 3 still suffer malnutrition and India is home to one third of the world's malnourished children. An average of 6,000 children die every day in India, two to three thousand of them from malnutrition.


BCM Volunteers Girls Quarry Child
Australia UNDP 2015 Human
Development Index
2nd of 188 Global Rank 130th of 188
82.4 years Life Expectancy at Birth 68 years
13 years Average Years of Schooling 5.4 years
Population earning below
$1.25 / day (PPP)
$42,831 Gross Domestic Product
per capita (2011 PPP USD)