This Easter, share Hope and Healing with those who need it most.

Eight-year-old Shabani was set on fire for his lunch and his toys. He received third-degree burns to his head, face and the left-hand side of his body. He couldn’t afford to go to hospital, so he went eight months without proper treatment.

Then he found the HEAL Africa hospital

HEAL Africa, our ministry partner in the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC), runs one of the top hospitals in the country. Every day they have vulnerable people like Shabani arrive at their doors, people who urgently need essential medical care that they can't afford.      

This is why HEAL Africa created the Mercy Fund, so they can provide essential medical treatment, free-of-charge, for those that most desperately need it but can’t afford it.

HEAL Africa is the only hope for vulnerable people like Shabani. 

But HEAL Africa can’t help them without your support.