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A&A Ministries (DuAn, Guangxi)

In this province, A&A Ministries work mainly with the Yao and Zhuang minority groups. The Yaos are predominantly mountain-dweller farmers with an average income of less than $90 per year. The Zhuangs live mainly in the cities. A&A Ministries help alleviate poverty and hardship due to harsh environmental conditions. They support local pastors and churches to bring the light of Christ into communities of unreached people groups.

China Medium

With 320 million Chinese under the age of 18, we are keen to support youth work. We conduct English camps and English teaching each year, which help the students to improve their English and obtain better grades for entry to higher institutions. Other programs include training pastors, building churches, sending pastors to remote areas, running a Christian book café, medical clinics, building schools, micro-enterprise development and vocational training.