Journey 2020

A Virtual Mission Trip to Visit our Ministry Partners in India and the DRC


Through their hospital and community development programs HEAL Africa provides vital health care and holistic support to the most vulnerable people in a region devastated by ongoing conflict and poverty.

The COVID crisis has stretched HEAL’s resources – their hospital is the designated COVID care centre for a region of nine million people – but they remain committed to showing Jesus’ love to the outcast and forgotten during this crisis.

HEAL Africa’s Uamusho project is an outreach program providing refuge and educational opportunities for young people living on the streets. The project was hit especially hard by the recent lockdown, with many young people being forced back into their former lives on the street.

Ephphatha’s Centre for the Deaf provides a safe haven for those who have been rejected by society due to a hearing impairment. The centre includes the only specialised medical care and education in the DRC for deaf people including a primary school, secondary school and vocational training taught in sign language, along with a health clinic that, all together, serves over 3,400 people each year.

Click the links below (or give us a call at 02 9712 8222) to support HEAL Africa and Ephphatha's work to support and show Jesus' love to the DRC's most vulnerable communities during this COVID-19 crisis. 

Help HEAL Africa provide hospital care and holistic support during COVID-19  

During our Journey this week we're aiming to raise $10,000 to help HEAL Africa support the most vulnerable people during this crisis.

$315 will provide a vulnerable patient with access to critical and life saving medical care and holistic support at the HEAL Africa Hospital

Support the DRC's hearing impaired community during COVID-19

During our Journey this week we're aiming to raise $5,000 to help Ephphatha provide for the unique challenges faced by the hearing impaired during this crisis. 

$200 will provide a start up tool kit for a recent graduate from Ephphatha.

Help get young people off the streets during COVID-19

During our Journey this week we're aiming to raise $5,000 to help the Uamusho Project provide refuge, educational opportunities and hope for a better future during this crisis. 

$50 a month will keep a young adult off the streets and in vocational training through HEAL Africa’s Uamusho Project

September 21st - October 2nd

A virtual trip to explore, discover and celebrate the wonder of India and the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC) as we visit our ministry partners.

Travel with us online to connect with Bangalore City Mission (BCM), Ephphatha and HEAL Africa in an exclusive missions tour as we dive deep into the world of their ministry.

Live events, engaging stories and special guests

To find out more email give us a call 02 9712 8222 or register through the link directly below

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Please note that while there are going to be amazing events every day for each week, the Thursday evening events are the two you won't want to miss. As a result these are the two dates that you can register for through our eventbright page and by registering you will be able to attend every event that week.