About Zhong Jiu Christian Church

In the Guangxi province, Zhong Jiu Christian Church works mainly with the Yao minority groups. The Yao are predominantly mountain-dwelling farmers, with an average annual income below $100s who face exclusion and disadvantage in China. Children are frequently taken out of primary education in order to farm the land.

Zhong Jiu Christian Church supports the local communities by running a child sponsorship program to provide education, medical care and community development projects for children from the Yao families to help break the poverty cycle for this people group.

Zhong Jiu Christian Church works with local pastors and churches in bringing the light of Christ into the communities of unreached people groups. WorldShare partners with A&A Ministries to support Zhong Jiu Christian Church.

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ANNUAL GOAL $107,274

Partner Objectives

To provide financial assistance to 107 sponsored children to study while parents carry out farming activities.

To provide medical care, income generating activities and community development activities in the child sponsorship communities.

To assist local churches to achieve their church planting ministry and vision by equipping and training 16 church leaders.

*Please note this specific project is funded through our Spreading the Gospel Fund

Transforming lives in China

Today’s China is characterised by a growing economic prosperity, access to modern technology, a huge shift in urbanisation of rural villagers seeking work in the cities, discrimination against ethnic minorities and a widening gap between the 'haves' and the 'have-nots'. WorldShare’s ministry partners focus specifically on minority groups in rural areas