About Bridge of Hope

Many Indonesians are trapped in the cycle of poverty. Bridge of Hope seeks to be a practical expression of God’s love and concern for the needs of all people by showing christian love to the poor and oppressed, regardless of religion or race. They work with families trapped by poverty in the Manado region of North Sulawesi, East Indonesia by assisting family businesses and facilitating community support programs. Bridge of Hope is empowering communities to build a better future. WorldShare supports Bridge of Hope to engage in micro enterprise programs, equipping oor families to run small businesses and work their way out of poverty.

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Partner Objectives

To provide 350 new people with business loans to enable them to start their own businesses and become self reliant.

To run 16 training programs to provide skills for new and future business owners to gain skills required to make their businesses successful.

To provide free medical care to 100 patients through outreach partnerships.

To provide networking opportunities to enable partners to share experiences and knowledge with one another.

Transforming lives in Indonesia

Australia's neighbour is home to 222 million people scattered through an archipelago of more than 17,000 islands. Indonesia is the world's fourth most populous nation and the world's largest Islamic although secular state. The majority of the poor live in rural areas. Our ministry partners are involved in a broad spectrum of activities including tertiary education, health care and Micro-Enterprise Development.