About Universitias Kristen Immanuel (UKRIM)

Established in 1982 as a tertiary body to offer quality university education in a Christian environment, Universitias Kristen Immanuel (UKRIM), is an adjunct of Faith Foundation Indonesia. WorldShare supports UKRIM to provide wide access to economically challenged communities in the remote areas/islands of Indonesia by providing scholarships so that marginalised and poor students can obtain college education.

UKRIM offers students a choice of undergraduate degrees in management, accounting, civil engineering, information technology, physics, Christian education, church music and Christian counselling. By providing wider access to tertiary education UKRIM aims to help provide a brighter future for young people and to to prepare them to lead future development in their communities.

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Partner Objectives

To provide 29 students from economically challenged and marginalised communities financial support to successfully complete their first year of study to enable them to qualify for UKRIM University's support program for the rest of their academic years

Transforming lives in Indonesia

Australia's neighbour is home to 222 million people scattered through an archipelago of more than 17,000 islands. Indonesia is the world's fourth most populous nation and the world's largest Islamic although secular state. The majority of the poor live in rural areas. Our ministry partners are involved in a broad spectrum of activities including tertiary education, health care and Micro-Enterprise Development.