Miriam Children Home's COVID-19 Response: Tax-Deductible Appeal

The Needs

Since 1968, Miriam Children’s Home has been committed to caring for disadvantaged children and their families in Andhra Pradesh, India.

India’s current and sudden lockdown is having a terrible impact on the millions of poor people in India – especially the poor, daily wage workers, migrants, street vendors and grassroots workers. These people do not have savings to lean on and are solely dependent on daily work for them to have sufficient meals and decent shelter. Many families are either stranded in cities and towns where they have no work and no place to go or are making their way back to their hometowns. Many are camping at railway stations and bus stops, without enough food or shelter, or money to purchase protective gear like masks or sanitisers.

Miriam's Response to COVID-19


Miriam Children’s Home has mobilised to support vulnerable people at this time.

Miriam Children’s Home, under the leadership of Joshua and Carl Komanpalli, believes that they have been called by God for such a time as this, to help the poor, not only to pray for their nation but also to act in generous ways to care for the poor, needy and marginalised.

Miriam Children’s Home is providing critical relief to families and individuals who need their help during this crisis. Please strengthen the hands of Miriam Children’s Home with much needed support.

Miriam Children’s Home is desperate to provide ration kits to 1200 families across their network of family care centres. These ration kits consist of: 10 kg flour, 10 kg Rice, 2 kg Pulses, 2 litres oil, 1 kg salt, 2 kg sugar, 500 gm Tea leaves, 1 kg milk powder, masks, sanitisers, sanitary napkins, biscuit packets and 2 bars of soap.

One ration kit cost around $60AUD. Can you gift some ration kits for families in need? 

Donations of $2 or above are tax deductible.

*If the project is oversubscribed your donation will go to our Where Most Needed Fund.

WorldShare is very pleased to partner with Miriam Children’s Home in supporting communities through the COVID-19 crisis, as well as supporting Miriam’s School to provide Quality Christian Education to those suffering in poverty. We thank you for your support to help people that will be hit the hardest by COVID-19.