Keep vulnerable children ‘in’ school and help purchase 100 remote devices!


With over 400,000 new COVID-19 cases being reported every single day, India is, right now, being hit hardest by this global pandemic. Schools have been closed again with no change in sight. The government has encouraged schools to 'go online' but this ignores the fact that many families can't afford the resources - technology devices nor WIFI - required for online learning. To make matters worse, not only are these vulnerable children missing out on an education today, it's likely that many of them will never return to school at all.

This is the situation many of the children at Miriam School find themselves in right now. Many of these families also relied upon Miriam School's feeding program to provide vital nutrition for their children. Without an education they will struggle to break out of the cycle of poverty and without food they will struggle to make it through this crisis.

Please help us keep children in India 'in' school!

Why Your help is needed now


Schools in India have been closed since March and are unlikely to open until the next academic year. This puts many children at Miriam School at a major disadvantage as they don’t have the financial resources for online learning. Without remote learning devices and the opportunity to learn online, children in Miriam School may never return to school and the cycle of poverty may never be broken.

* 86% of children in primary education have been out of school in countries with low human development (Including India) – compared with just 20% in countries with very high human development

* In India, the interruption of the school year will have a significant negative impact on the most vulnerable. Especially for those who cannot learn at home. Children at home may challenge the economic situation of families, who need to provide care or compensate for the loss of school meals.

* Miriam Students may never return to school. School closures make girls more vulnerable to issues that include child marriage, early pregnancy, and violence – all of which decrease the likelihood of returning to school

* Students at Miriam School need to stay "in" school to risk the growing social and economic gap and break the cycle of poverty


* Information sourced from United Nations: Policy Brief: Education during COVID-10 and Beyond

Miriam's Response to COVID-19


Miriam Children’s Home in India has mobilised support for vulnerable families as a response to COVID-19. Miriam Children's Home has so far provided food relief and support to those most affected by the pandemic.

Miriam Children’s Home, under the leadership of Joshua and Carl Komanpalli, believes that they have been called by God for such a time as this, to help the poor, not only to pray for their nation but also to act in generous ways to care for the poor, needy and marginalised.

Miriam Children’s Home continues to provide critical relief to families and individuals who need their help during this crisis. Please strengthen the hands of Miriam Children’s Home and partner with us to continue the work in India. 


Meet Pammi

Pammi is 5 years old and lives with her parents, brother and grandparents. Together they live in a small rented house. Pammi’s father is a private employee. Unfortunately his salary is not sufficient to meet his family needs and they continue to live in poverty. Fortunately, last year Pammi was given the opportunity to enter the sponsorship program and was given an education at Miriam School. 

In the past year Pammi has enjoyed school and has developed strong relationships with her peers and teachers. She has enjoyed learning and every afternoon she completes her homework on school campus. Since the closure of school due to COVID, Pammi has felt hopeless as she has not been able to go to school or continue her education at home. Pammi is left at home for many hours with no educational resources such as books or activities and is now responsible for housework and family chores.

Pammi’s family face a life-time of poverty and with Pammi now at home responsible for the chores and household duties, as a girl, she may never return to school. Girls in India often drop out of school when they are given the role of looking after younger siblings and household duties. Pammi is now more vulnerable to issues including gender based violence, child marriage and early pregnancy. 

With school closures, this unfortunately may be Pammi’s future and her family may face a lifetime of poverty.

Please help us keep children like Pammi ‘in’ school!

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WorldShare is very pleased to partner with Miriam Children’s Home in supporting communities through the COVID-19 crisis, as well as supporting Miriam’s School to provide Quality Christian Education to those suffering in poverty. We thank you for your support to help people that will be hit the hardest by COVID-19.



WorldShare has now partnered with Dunamis Outreach Australia to support the work of Miriam Children's Home.