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How we work

Through connection strategies, WorldShare operates by connecting overseas partners and our supporters with a common interest in effecting positive change in challenging regions of the world.

We identify excellent locally-led projects to partner with, supporting overseas partners with resources and ensuring accountability, effectiveness and continuous improvement to achieve sustainable impact and transforming legacy.

We respect the expertise, knowledge and cultural differences of our overseas partners and do not impose Australian programs on them – we provide resources for them to support their own people.


Our key activities

- Advocacy: WorldShare team advocate for our overseas partners by visiting individuals, churches, organisations, groups and schools to raise awareness.

- Resourcing: We fundraise and source resources to support our ministry partners with their stated needs.

- Prayer: We pray for and encourage prayer from supporters via our prayer blog and Prayer & Praise publication.

- Ministry Partner Visits: We arrange and host ministry partner visits to various locations around Australia.

- Short Term Teams: We arrange and lead short term teams from around the world to visit our ministry partners and provide necessary skills and support.

- Sponsor A Child: Provide safe home, education, Christian love and care for vulnerable children around the world through generous sponsorship by our supporters.

-Disaster relief: We respond to disasters experienced by our overseas partners and provide humanitarian and spiritual support to the suffering people under our partners care.

-Legacies and endowment: We provide opportunities for our supporters to leave a gift behind, for our partners, through our legacies program or endowment fund.

-Corporate partnerships: We collaborate with like-minded corporations in work-placed giving altruism and fundraising events.