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Dear valued WorldShare supporter,

On behalf of the WorldShare board, let me reiterate how much we value your ongoing partnership in reaching the lost and caring for the outcast. As you know, WorldShare is a partnership-driven organisation, and so we are grateful under God for all of you who choose to walk with us in our important ministry endeavours.

I write today with the sad news of the resignation of our long-standing CEO, Joanna Mansfield. Joanna has faithfully served WorldShare for nearly twenty years, as a supporter, a board member and for almost seven years as CEO. 

As Joanna shares in the above video, this was a difficult decision to make but one made prayerfully and takes into consideration the needs of WorldShare in this next season as well as her personally.

Joanna’s leadership has blessed WorldShare with a significant legacy, with many advances being made in WorldShare’s ability to effectively deliver our mission. These included considerable growth, not only in the financial base that enables our ministry, but in many other important areas such as the launch of WorldShare Connect, a new brand identity, an upgraded CRM and an outstanding culture of mutual respect and support.

The board has already begun the search for WorldShare’s new leader. Please continue to partner with us in prayer as we seek God’s providential guidance into our next exciting phase.

Your brother in Christ

Glen Richardson
Board Chair, WorldShare Australia

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