Jesus came to give life – life to the full. 

And yet across the world, so many people are suffering in poverty. The most vulnerable are outcast and forgotten, living without a sense of worth or hope. 

During his time here on earth, one of the ways Jesus showed his love was by seeking out, accepting, and caring for the most vulnerable, the outcast and forgotten people of his day.

The Transformation Project is an effort to show and share this love of Jesus. 

Its purpose is to see lives transformed and hope restored by providing the world’s most vulnerable people with opportunities to get an education, receive health care and hear the gospel. 

You can join with us in this project by signing up to give on an ongoing monthly basis. 

By doing so you’ll be: 

  • providing an education for children living in one of the world’s biggest refugee camps in the DR Congo, 
  • fighting severe childhood malnutrition in Indonesia, 
  • supporting outcast and abused young mothers in Uganda, by ensuring they get pre- and post-natal care and a chance for a safe and healthy delivery, 
  • providing clean water for families in Cambodia, and safe schools for their kids, 
  • giving people the chance to hear the gospel and see it lived out in their communities, 
  • and much, much more… 

Joining us in this project is one of the most powerful and effective ways that you can transform lives, restore hope, and share Jesus’ love! 

Please sign up as a monthly giver today and help create lasting change for the outcast and forgotten.

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