‘…to give you hope and a future’.

Jeremiah 29:11

Monthly givers create lasting change.

Lasting change requires more than just responding to the urgent needs of today. It requires vision, courage, prayer, and clear plan on how to get from ‘here’ to ‘there’.

Our ministry partners have the first 3 in spades. But they can’t make good plans when facing constant uncertainty around funding.

This uncertainty prevents them from making courageous investments into vulnerable communities. It prevents them from being able to hire and develop capable staff. And as a result, it greatly diminishes the impact that they make.

Monthly giving gives our ministry partners the confidence to boldly tackle the key issues that cause poverty and suffering in their community, allowing them to make the greatest impact possible.

As a monthly giver, you’ll receive special updates twice a year directly from the leaders of our ministry partners overseas, giving you intimate connection to how your generosity is making an impact and changing lives.

Please sign up as a monthly giver today and help create lasting change for the outcast and forgotten.

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