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Church partnerships are a great way to help your congregation serve the poor, engage in social justice, and share the love of Jesus all over the world.

Church Partnerships with WorldShare are a little different than with most other similar charities. Our approach is genuinely partnership-based, both here in Australia and abroad.

We want to be a facilitator rather than the focus of your partnership. Our goal is to create a meaningful connection between your church and one of our ministry partners overseas, helping your congregation form mutually-beneficial and long-lasting relationships with Christian brothers and sisters working in incredibly challenging contexts.

Here are just some of the benefits from creating a church partnership with WorldShare:

  • Create long-lasting relationships between your church and a Christian ministry organisation working with the outcast and forgotten
  • Our support organising short-term mission trips to our partners overseas
  • Easy ways to engage your congregation through opportunities such as Child Sponsorship
  • Access to ready-to-go, customisable fundraising tools to help mobilise your church however works best for you
  • Regular news, stories and videos from partners overseas to share with your congregation

Like all good partnerships, the first step is a conversation! If you’re interested in learning more, please fill out the form below or give us a call on 02 9712 8222!

Does your church already have an overseas partnership?

We provide a special service called WorldShare Connect which helps Christian organisations and churches strengthen their existing overseas ministry partnerships. It can be tough trying to stay on top of all the admin, compliance, fundraising, and communication required to manage a healthy partnership, but WorldShare Connect can become your expert back-office team to help share the load and create a sustainable future.

Contact us today!

If you’d love to know more about church partnerships, please contact us using the below form! Alternatively, give us a call during normal business hours on 02 9712 8222.

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