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Who We Are

WorldShare (formerly known as CNEC Partners International) is a leading Christian charity supporting holistic international development by local ministry partners in Asia and East Africa.

WorldShare (ABN 16 001 441 103) is a not-for-profit company limited by guarantee and is registered with the Commonwealth of Australia's charity regulator, the Australian Charities and Not-for-profits Commission ( WorldShare has deductible gift recipient ("DGR1") status for Australian tax purposes ( for complying donations.

WorldShare has a rich heritage dating back to 1943 and is the Australian-based member of a global affiliation which supports over 100 local ministry partners in more than 45 countries. The other affiliates are:
CNEC Singapore
Partners International Canada
Partners International USA
WorldShare UK

Our affiliates enable our supporters to partner with local ministries in many locations giving WorldShare a larger effective footprint than could economically be achieved as a stand-alone Australian operation.


WorldShare's Logo

Our logo is intended to illustrate people and partnerships and capture our humble beginnings from 1943. We have chosen the Chinese character 'Ren' which means 'people'. The character has been placed in a ring representing the world. The character divides the ring into three segments, representing the partnerships between WorldShare, Australian partners and overseas partners. Putting them together, we are sharing God’s love with the world, connecting people to transform lives in challenging regions where help is needed.