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We acknowledge that there may be exceptional circumstances where a refund may be granted however once you have made a donation, we do not normally give refunds.

Please submit your request in writing to and include the reason for your request, the refund payment requested, and any relevant information. A request for a refund of a payment already donated to WorldShare will be considered and determined on a case-by-case basis.

The following reasons may be considered favourably:

  • an error has been made by WorldShare;
  • the supporter accidentally submitted a payment more than once via the website;
  • a supporter’s banking details have been verified by police as fraudulently obtained and used to make a payment to WorldShare;
  • a sponsored child is cancelled from the sponsorship program and automatically replaced by WorldShare, but the sponsor has paid support up-front for the cancelled child and does not wish to continue sponsoring a new sponsor child;
  • under exceptional circumstances, in the case of hardship and for a donation within the previous three months, an application will be considered.

The following reasons will not usually be grounds for a refund to be given:

  • a supporter simply changes their mind;
  • the refund request is made in a financial year other than that of which the payment has occurred;
  • the supporter denies or disputes having made a decision with WorldShare to provide financial contributions; or
  • disagreement by the supporter with the nature of the programs supported by WorldShare.

 If it is agreed that a refund is to be made the supporter will receive the refund within ten working days of the decision.

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