“The harvest is plentiful, but the workers are few…”

Luke 10:2

Please help share the hope of the gospel this Easter!

This Easter, you can help share the Good News of Jesus with your generous gift towards the $30,000 goal. You can help more people find salvation, comfort and eternal peace in Christ, by enabling WorldShare ministry partners to continue their vital evangelistic work.

Your gift will support ministry partners like Christian Fellowship Ministries in Uganda. CFM is a holistic gospel ministry that shares Jesus’ love with vulnerable people in communities in Eastern Uganda that have long been devastated by poverty, HIV/AIDS and food insecurity.

Pastor Isaac is the outreach director at CFM. He has been a pastor for over a decade, preaching the gospel and helping to equip teams of others who can do the same. He says, “What moves my heart is preaching the transforming gospel of Jesus Christ to the lost and to those that need spiritual nourishment.”

But the ministry of sharing the gospel is hampered by Pastor Isaac’s meagre resources – which is why your gift today is so crucial.

This Easter, please give generously to help reach the $30,000 goal and help evangelists like Pastor Isaac share the good news of the gospel.

Thank you for your kindness!

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