COVID-19: Abigael's Story 

In the face of the COVID-19 crisis our ministry partners are continuing to show God’s love to the outcast and forgotten in their communities. 

Those like Abigael and her newborn daughter Ketya.

Ketya is currently recovering from emergency surgery at the HEAL Africa Hospital in the district of Goma in the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC). When Abigael gave birth to triplets it was immediately clear that Ketya, the youngest of the three, had an excess build-up of fluid in her brain. She needed emergency surgery to remove the fluid and release the pressure on her brain or she risked going blind, permanent brain damage or even death. 

The provincial hospital that Abigael gave birth in was unable to perform the surgery and she had no way to afford it anyway. Abigael had been unable to work while heavily pregnant and her husband hasn’t been able to get reliable work for over a year.

By the grace of God, they were quickly transferred to the HEAL Africa Hospital, the only hospital in the district equipped to perform the procedure and which, thanks to their Mercy Fund, offers life-saving treatment like this free-of-charge to the most vulnerable who cannot afford it.   

But HEAL Africa’s act of service is now under threat by the COVID-19 crisis.

As one of the top hospitals in the country, the HEAL Africa hospital was chosen by the World Health Organisation to be a centre for COVID-19 cases in Goma and the North Kivu province. This means that a 250-bed hospital with 39 doctors and 84 nurses is responsible for helping a population of nine million people.

HEAL Africa is desperately trying to gather more equipment, specialists and supplies but with most of these typically sourced from nearby neighbouring countries, and with all borders now closed, there are severe shortages and skyrocketing prices for what little there is. At last count they still had only two functioning ventilators, one qualified anaesthetist and one qualified emergency specialist.

The challenges HEAL Africa faces and the potential suffering of the North Kivu population is beyond our understanding... 


This end of financial year, will you support our ministry partners to ensure they survive COVID-19 and keep restoring hope to the most vulnerable?