Indian mother and young child

There are some choices no mother should be forced to make... especially at Christmas

When you’re living day-to-day, just one setback can bring everything crashing down.

All it took was Saanvi’s husband, Rishan*, to lose his job through no fault of his own. It wasn’t long before they couldn’t afford to buy enough food to feed their children.

Faced with long-term unemployment, Rishan slid deeper and deeper into depression. First off, he started drinking more to cope with the stress. Then, things escalated even further as Rishan started to get violent and abusive around the home.

Saanvi tried her best to hold her family together, but ended up facing an impossible choice: Do I stay, knowing that my home is becoming more and more unsafe? Or do I flee, even though I have no money and no way of feeding my children?.

You can help families like Saanvi's avoid making impossible choices this Christmas. Please donate today and make sure they have a safe place to go for help.

*Names changed to protect the privacy of the people we help. Unless otherwise specified, all donations to the Christmas Appeal are used where most needed to support all our ministry partners around the world.